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  1. area52

    Need hauled M816 Bloomfield NM to Redlands CA

    M816 doesnt run but rolls. No assistance loading. Ready now, pm or text me. thanks Wade 909 seven 33 seven872
  2. area52

    Providing Towing in AZ

    sent you a pm
  3. area52

    M816 wrecker Bloomfield NM to Redlands CA

    Doesn't run. Needs to be pulled onto trailer. No rush. Ready now. Plenty of room at dropoff. thanks Wade
  4. area52

    "Rescued" M816 Wrecker

    pump Hey I don't get on here much anymore but my 816 had hydraulic pump problems also. You can pull the pump (from under the boom) without lifting the boom or even disconnection the hoses ( unless they are bad) On mine the coupling had gone bad. Found a nice person on here with a parts...
  5. area52

    New M816 in MO need help and advice.

    Its pretty much the same as a M35A2 as far as inspection goes. No intank fuel pump just the IP on the engine so if the rubber fuel lines have a pinhole, it lets the fuel drain back to the tank and it takes forever to start. Get a can of ether to help start it if that happens. Mine got 3-4...
  6. area52

    M816 wrecker hydraulic coupling

    So I think I might have solved my own problem. Looked in the TM's for the M39 5 ton series. Found part# 10876275 coupling assembly. Hopefully the beds between the M816 and the M543 are the same, now just to find a "new" one. for future reference it was in TM 9-2320-211-34P page 677 item #2.
  7. area52

    M816 wrecker hydraulic coupling

    So I finally got my wrecker down to a shop that can work on it. They pulled the hydraulic pump off and found the coupling is bad. I have been looking in the TM's for that part and can not find it. TM 9-2320-260-34P-2 page 265 has the exploded view with the pump itself but it ends with the...
  8. area52

    My "NEW" M-62!

    I've got a parts M54A2 if you want the hood,side panels and anything else off of the cab. Its in Trinidad CO, $1000.
  9. area52

    M54A2 non runner Trinidad CO to Aztec NM

    I've got a non running 5 ton in storage in Trinidad CO. Need it moved to Aztec NM or even California if you are going that far. It rolls and stops but does not run. Sooner is better, thanks.
  10. area52

    M816 hydraulic issue

    yea,my shaft is spinning. TM says to lift the boom up out of the way to pull the hydraulic pump but I have no way to lift my boom. Anyone pulled the pump without lifting the boom up?
  11. area52

    M816 hydraulic issue

    how hard was it to pull the pump? I am not getting any pressure from my pump.
  12. area52

    Need tires moved AZ to NM

    I purchased 10 tires, 11R20 mounted on wheels. They are in Tempe AZ and need to go to Farmington NM. They should be ready in a couple of weeks after payment clears. I would guess they weigh around 200 lbs or so? maybe more. let me know if you can help thanks Wade
  13. area52

    Extra Storage Space for your M109

    What are the dimensions on that drawer? I have always thought about puting an extra fuel tank in that space.
  14. area52

    New to the forum looking into m54

    The M813 and the M54 truck share most parts from the cab back. the m813 has the Cummins engine and longer front sheet metal (hood, side panels and fenders). Detroit lockers are available the last time I looked. To single it out, you will need different wheels. The stock ones are a little...
  15. area52

    New to the forum looking into m54

    be aware that California has new rules concerning diesel engines and emissions. You might want to look into that before investing any money and time into getting a MV.
  16. area52

    Deuce tow rating

    you will find most military ratings are under rated.
  17. area52

    So Cal Deuce and Dogs 4th of july mountain run

    My apologies for not making it on Sat. I got called out to work early (430)in the morning and was stuck at work all day. Maybe next time.
  18. area52

    So Cal Deuce and Dogs 4th of july mountain run

    who ever is scouting this weekend, drop me a line with your phone# and time you are going. I live in Loma Linda now so I am free to tag along if you will have me. I don't have any of my MV's out here yet though.
  19. area52

    M925A1 recovery from Barstow success:-)

    Are you selling the 14.00's tires? I am looking to buy some if so.
  20. area52

    My first MV Looking at the M816

    The popular auction site that advertises on here. Government Liquidations. They hold the contract to auction and sell off the military surplus.
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