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  1. Westech

    9:00 tires on a M1008.

    Hey fellow members. I installed 265.75.16 tires on my M101 trailer with the stock split ring rims with no issue. I would like to mount 900x16 tires on my M1008 rims.... is this possible? I know I would have to use tubes and flaps and I have seen many pictures with this done... but the...
  2. Westech

    Findlay OH 2016 Military show. May 20-22nd

    Findlay is coming up boys and girls. May 20-22ed. There was a HUGE SS turn out last year and besides me ending up in the ER it was a great time. Ohio, May 20 – 22, 2016: The Findlay Show, 29th Annual Armed Forces Day Celebration at Hancock County Fairgrounds, Findlay, OH. Sponsored by the...
  3. Westech

    Not new but kinda new to me M37.

    This was lifers M37. My friend Jeff and I had bought it from him before his passing. We picked it up in 2010 if I remember correctly. The engine had a extra hole in the side and a rebuilt engine came with the truck. We installed the rebuilt and well **** it has a slight knock on a rod...
  4. Westech

    2015 Findlay Ohio show pictures and updates

    Well we made it at 1330 local time. There are trucks rolling in. Pictures to co r after lunch and a poop stop.
  5. Westech

    2015 5/15-17 Findlay Ohio Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted

    Gimp and I have 2000 24V tail and marker light bulbs to sell.
  6. Westech

    Restart porduction of crimped oil and fuel lines?

    Well after some thought I was toying with the idea of restarting production of the injection pump oil feed lines and return fuel line kits. I can make air governor lines, Fuel return line kits, injection pump oil feed lines, axle transmission and transfer case breather kits. All made with...
  7. Westech

    Very graphic M1008 heater core war pictures

    I thought I smelled something
  8. Westech

    Bring the chat list back to the main page!!

    Remember the good old days when the chat list was on the main page? You could see who was in chat. I remember there being 50+ people in chat a night! great friends and a lot of good talk and info was shared. Can we go back to that please!! In the last 5 years (ish) chat has for the most...
  9. Westech

    New 12v and 24v gauge.

    I installed a 12v gauge today just to make sure everything was working as it should. I have been having charging issues. Lost of dirty connections and some bad alternator parts. I also rednecked the **** out of her !!
  10. Westech

    Kip's farm (Lucky Charms Ranch) mini rally.

    Quotes of the weekend. Who parked a car in my deer blind? Who knew ranch dressing would destroy a Soap dispenser? I can't take the rubber off with out wrecking it. More to come.
  11. Westech

    M915A1 voltage regulator change help

    Well the voltage regulator/charger started on fire the other morning. I found a replacement for 80 bucks but am having trouble hooking it up. The stock one has two extra wires. Anyone know what wire is the STA wire out the back of the alternator?
  12. Westech

    M1009 axles under a M1008

    Hey peoples. I just bought my second M1008 and I am getting a set of M1009 axles this week for it. I am making it a DD with 90% highway miles. I see some people stating that the axle perches are different in the rear and some people say it's a direct bolt in swap less the conversion u joint...
  13. Westech

    Westys new m1008 with 2800 miles.

    Yes boys and germs, I have a new 1985 M1008 with under 2900 miles on the clock. She is a Wisconsin truck so there is rust all over. But with a new front clip on the way and doors along with a few patch panels she will be like new in a few weeks.
  14. Westech

    need a plan in Ohio (Westy)

    I am making a post because text and Email is hard to do here and to talk to all partys needed at the same time. Here it goes from the very start: I have a M915A1 at SW's place. M871 semi trailer at Stretch's. Spedmon has a trailer that I am buying from him. I need to get all parts to...
  15. Westech

    M915A1 tractor to trailer cable

    can i use a civy 7 pin cable with a 915 and a 871 trailer or do i have to use this cable? I do not have one and SW needs to move my junk. Thank you
  16. Westech

    What 13K$ In LED Tail Lights Looks Like.

    This is what 13K$ in tail lights looks like. I had 2 laying around my work area that had defective Cams in them. I had to put them to good use. This is my "truck" that I get around in. Not too bad... I cranked the injection pump and she can do 35 KPH now.
  17. Westech

    M915A1 gear change

    How silly would it to be to change out the rear ends to 3.36? I can find Eaton rear ends on Egay in the 300-500 range. what model numbers would interchange with the RS 401 type rears in the M915? I would like to be able to run in the mid 60's at 2100 RPM. I plan on hauling a M871 trailer with...
  18. Westech

    Westys new M915A1

    Well I paid about 1500 more then i wanted to but it was still the cheapest one to leave today. Not a bad deal I think. Looks like all new tires....
  19. Westech

    New Bumper Steps!!

    I would like to say thank you to the member who sent me the pair of bumper steps. For the life of me I am sorry I do not remember who... I know we talked at Findlaly last year. They look and work great!!
  20. Westech

    Cucv ii m1009a3

    Well here is the newest addition to the junk pile. 1996 fully loaded. For sale too. Got a NOGO on the job.
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