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  1. beltfedonly

    Wheel bore size.

    Anyone have the bore size on the hmmwv wheel.
  2. beltfedonly

    Hmmwv temperature sending unit

    A buddy of mine has a M998 and he put one of the new temperature gauges in that has the colors along with numbers. He ordered a new sender from Kascar. The new sender has one connection but the one currently in the block has two wires run to it. This is the first sender that I have seen with two...
  3. beltfedonly

    Need cucv blackout lights.

    I need one front and one rear cucv blackout light with mounting brackets if anyone has them available.
  4. beltfedonly

    M1009 Rear Window Question.

    The tailgate window on my M1009 will drift down about a 1/4 in over time. I have replaced the glass seal that goes in the top that the window rolls up into and have a new window crank installed. Anyone know of a fix for this?
  5. beltfedonly

    John Winslow

    It has been 3 years now since our friend John Winslow passed away. Rest in Peace buddy.
  6. beltfedonly

    Passenger side alternator shorted.

    I have been searching and reading different threads but any suggestions are really appreciated. I was replacing belt on passenger side alternator and alternator shorted and I had smoke coming from wires at solenoid on firewall near master cylinder. Anyone have this happen and have a fix for it?
  7. beltfedonly

    Machine gun mount.

    Trying to figure out how to put a machine gun mount in the bed of my M1028. Anyone have a suggestion or pictures of one. Thinking about using one similar to the M24 mount like I used on my M37.
  8. beltfedonly

    M 1028 loosing power.

    Starts and idles fine, starts loosing power around 45 miles an hour. Just started doing this. I figured it may be the fuel filter so I changed it, could not get fuel up to the fuel filter. I replaced the lift pump and instantly got fuel to the filter. Trucks starts and idles fine but feels like...
  9. beltfedonly

    Cucv starter bracket.

    I have searched the world over for the direct drive starter bracket, no luck. Anyone have an extra that I can purchase. Need one for my M1028 that is missing it. Beltfed
  10. beltfedonly

    Deuce Title Problem

    Hope someone in South Carolina can help with title problem. Guy called me today and said he sold a M35A3 to someone in South Carolina. The vehicle has a Georgia title. New owner went to get title and plates in S.C. and was told by DMV that he had to have a DMV inspector verify the serial number...
  11. beltfedonly

    Wheel hub lube.

    Anyone know what lube is used in the wheel hubs on the M998?
  12. beltfedonly

    Hmmwv wheel stub torque.

    Anyone know what the torque should be on the HMMWV wheel studs?
  13. beltfedonly

    Hmmwv manual.

    Are the TM's still available on the old site, I can't find them?
  14. beltfedonly

    Vent window stud.

    The stud on the bottom of my passenger side vent window broke off from the vent frame. In looking at the stud from the inside of the door it looks like there is a nut and spring on the stud but the nut does not appear to hold the stud to the door. What holds the stud to the door? I would like...
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