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  1. Westech

    2017 Findlay Military Show May 19-21

    same bat time same bat channel
  2. Westech

    2016 Findlay Ohio Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted

    I need one front shackle mount pipe/tube for a CUCV.
  3. Westech

    New Member with M211

    Yes adjust them with out that axles. It has floating axles so installing them will not change anything with brakes or bearings.
  4. Westech

    85' M1008 Pulley Question

    Post in the parts Wanted. Im am sure someone has one out there. Try Ebay and craigs list. Around here someone always has a parts truck or engine for sale.
  5. Westech

    2016 Haspin rally, June 8th-12th, info/discussion thread

    Last year was REALLY bad. Someone burned up the water tankers tires, stole it and crash it in the woods. It was a huge mess. I think if we talk to Pete we might get a night ride wednesday-thursday but I would not hold my breath for Friday and Saturday. Haspin is a great time but it is the only...
  6. Westech

    6.2 Broken Crankshaft Revisited.

    When I have blown engines it has been at higher RPM and I have ALWAYS tossed a rod. I have never broken a crank at high RPMS only braking connecting rods. I am thinking that lugging the engine would place WAY more stress on the crank then a high load and high RPMS. When lugging the piston that...
  7. Westech

    6.2 questions

    I did not read the who post it was trollish... You should use the correct heads.. 6.2 on a 6.2 and 6.5 on a 6.5. the difference in the turbo heads the the pre cups. on a non turbo engine they are a lot smaller and are made for low end and good MPG. The larger the cups the more power the engine...
  8. Westech

    M1009 Trailer Wiring Connection

    That is NOT a military plug its civilian 6 round. Like what was stated you just need a adapter.
  9. Westech

    M35 drive line information

    No the Vin does not work that way. Take a look at the TM section Im sure it will state what model and all the part numbers for the trans along with trouble shooting. FYI... when the trans or engine ****s the bed in a A3 its going to cost A LOT more to repair/replace then then you paid for the...
  10. Westech


    Ninja he is
  11. Westech

    GM 6.2 training video

    Barman it was in a totally non searchable thread. Im just giving you a hard time. Now it will come up in a search function. It is a good vid for the noob for sure.
  12. Westech

    TH400 to 700r4 swap on M1028

    1992 transfer case will not work.... output shaft is on the other side.
  13. Westech

    GM 6.2 training video

    beat you to it... i posted that moths ago
  14. Westech

    M1008 craigslist find

    It has around $1500.00 in lift and tires. $3500-5000 is a good base price for a M1008. You do have to remember it is a 30 year old Chevrolet pick up. You can buy early 2000's durmaxs 4X4 for as much as he is asking.
  15. Westech

    M35A2 performance in Sand

    I have been out to Sliver lake a few times with my old Deuce. Airing down is a MUST and only using low range. I did have 900 duals and they worked just fine at 15 PSI. loose soil/sand EATS up horse power and the multi fuel is lacking to state it best. On flat ground your ok but if you hit a hill...
  16. Westech

    More charging whoas

    good advise on the cleaning Gunny. I have found that to be a issue many times with the Gen lights and all the other lights on the back of the dash. 30 years of oxidation will do that.
  17. Westech

    Findlay OH 2016 Military show. May 20-22nd

    Its like I have been here before...... Its all so familiar
  18. Westech

    Findlay OH 2016 Military show. May 20-22nd

    :popcorn: oh this is going to be good....
  19. Westech

    Zero Rates on Front of 1009?

    Yes the front drive shaft will be fine. I have M1009 axles under my M1008 with 4" lift with zero rates and did not do anything to the drive shaft.
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