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    Jerky Zerk!

    I have a grease fitting on my front right rear shackle (the upper one) that will not allow grease to go in. I suspect this thing is seizing and I get a loud thump noise going over bumps. Anyone dealt with sticky shackles before?
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    LMTV A0 interior door handle project

    Did and search and found nothing on this, so here goes. I finally had enough of the funky aluminum paddle we use to open our doors from the inside. Don't laugh, but I spent hours looking at every Dorman plastic door handle in the online catalog, and found very little possibilities. My German...
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    Cargo Bed Cover from NH to NV

    Looking for assistance moving a Cargo Bed Cover from Marlow, New Hampshire to Carson City or Gardnerville, Nevada. Measurements are 134.00 length by 87.0 wide by 39.44 high and it is pallet mounted. Pointman
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    Burning Man Flambe' 5-Ton

    A friend with the Wellington, Nevada EMS Volunteers sent this to me earlier this week. I drive an M1078, so not truly familiar with older MV's. The story was this... Some folks returning from Burning Man in a 5-Ton, detoured over a local pass to avoid Hwy 395 which was closed due to a wild...
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    HIGH SPEED GEAR SWAP With Photos, 1995 A-0

    3.07 GEAR SWAP With Photos, 1995 A-0 I am creating this post with the hope that my experience may be of help to the next member planning on doing this operation. Before I begin, please do not reply asking 'where did you get your gears?'. I can tell you up front, that I have had these for a...
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    Cracked! Something else to check on your FMTV...

    After returning from OE18, I gave the beast a through wash down. On a short trip to the local dump, I noticed a small oil leak that was found to be loose flange fittings on the small oil 'pipe' between the head and the fuel governor. Closer inspection revealed this... a cracked front gear...
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    A-0 Fuel Solenoid wiring, help please...

    After returning from our Overland Expo Trek, it came time to remove the three post fuel solenoid borrowed from a CAT loader and install the new one. Thinking I have the wiring correct, I do not get a 'click' from the new two post unit and the starter does not work. Can someone have a quick...
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    LMTV to OE18, Our Achilles Heel and other diversions...

    Chapter 1. We had been planning a long trip in 'Thor' for some time. Overland Expo seemed like a great way to test the recent modifications made and see some beautiful country at the same time. We departed Gardnerville, NV at a decent morning hour on Tuesday the 15th. The goal was to travel...
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    Speedo replacement...

    I am considering replacing the stock speedo in my A-0 truck with one of the GPS type units that are prevalent on the online auction sites. Has anyone here done this? Can anyone tell me the diameter of the mounting hole on the A-0 trucks for the speedo? Pointman
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    Overland Expo, West.. Who's going???

    We've got our tickets, and wondered who else may be headed to OE, West in May? We re heading down the Wednesday before from Gardnerville, Nevada in our M-1078.:clinto: Pointman
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    LMTV: Parking Brake Air Valve replacement

    I just purchased a new heater box for the Himars model from Will. It was suggested that I also upgrade the parking valve to one of the new dual modular units. There is a lot going on in the new heater box and so much crammed in the left side. Has anyone done this modification and are there...
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    Front prop shaft replacement

    So I detected excessive spline play in the front prop shaft... What to do? A local shop specializing in drive line repair (and a Spicer auth. dealer) quoted me $575.00 to repair. Thanks to Suprman for the referral to Eastern Supply. Bought a new one for $475.00 and it appears to have much...
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    Water/Methanol Injection, anyone??

    Any fellow inmates have experience with using this system on a mechanically injected engine? Looks interesting...but..??? :carnac: Pointman
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    Dual fuel tanks on M1078?

    I would love to hear from someone who has done this. aua My tape measure tells me there is not enough room on the right side to run two stock tanks. I'd like to avoid carrying extra diesel in Nato cans if possible. Pointman
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    LMTV LED Marker Lights upgrade?

    Couldn't find anything in the search on this, so here goes. aua Has anyone upgraded their marker lights to LED's, like the later model 1078's? If so where did you find them? Thanks in advance! Pointman in Nevada
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    Erratic Speedometer reading..

    I'm finally getting around to addressing this issue. Once started in Neutral, the speedo needle takes a big jump when 'drive' is chosen. Matter of fact, anytime a different drive mode is selected, the needle jumps... Additionally, the speed shown is around 50% of what the GPS indicates. Am I...
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    Yet another M-1078 Fan Clutch thread

    This is simply being posted in the hopes that in the future another member may benefit from what I have learned. Oh, and yes. I did my searches before posting..:mrgreen: We spent time yesterday diagnosing the issue with the fan clutch on my 1994 M-1078. With the engine stopped, the fan freely...
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    M-1078 Trailer Supply Air Valve

    I have one on the dash panel that leaking... :evil: Looks to be a Haldex #20025 Anyone ever replace one, and am I on the right track? Pointman
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    LMTV Air Filter Element Part # ???

    Gents, Can anyone verify that the correct Donaldson PN# for the M1078's Air Filter Element is P527750. I'm looking to replace mine, and a search was inconclusive and Flea-Bay is a bid dodgy. Thanks in advance! Pointman
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    Got Batteries??

    I bought my LMTV from a private party that had been running it on two starter batteries. I am looking to return it to a somewhat original set up with 4. What size/group/type sould I look for? Pointman
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