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  1. area52

    Need hauled M816 Bloomfield NM to Redlands CA

    M816 doesnt run but rolls. No assistance loading. Ready now, pm or text me. thanks Wade 909 seven 33 seven872
  2. area52

    M816 wrecker Bloomfield NM to Redlands CA

    Doesn't run. Needs to be pulled onto trailer. No rush. Ready now. Plenty of room at dropoff. thanks Wade
  3. area52

    M816 wrecker hydraulic coupling

    So I finally got my wrecker down to a shop that can work on it. They pulled the hydraulic pump off and found the coupling is bad. I have been looking in the TM's for that part and can not find it. TM 9-2320-260-34P-2 page 265 has the exploded view with the pump itself but it ends with the...
  4. area52

    M54A2 non runner Trinidad CO to Aztec NM

    I've got a non running 5 ton in storage in Trinidad CO. Need it moved to Aztec NM or even California if you are going that far. It rolls and stops but does not run. Sooner is better, thanks.
  5. area52

    Need tires moved AZ to NM

    I purchased 10 tires, 11R20 mounted on wheels. They are in Tempe AZ and need to go to Farmington NM. They should be ready in a couple of weeks after payment clears. I would guess they weigh around 200 lbs or so? maybe more. let me know if you can help thanks Wade
  6. area52

    6 tires Texarkana TX to Aztec NM

    My wrecker needs tires. There is a place in Texarkana TX that has alot of tires. I would need someone to go inspect the tires, pick out at least 6 good tires, 14.00 x 20, and bring them to Aztec NM. No exact date but sooner is better. I would pay for them after you pick the best ones via...
  7. area52

    New Mexico members check in here!

    I would like to start a thread to let everyone know where everyone is in New Mexico. Maybe one of these days we can all get together somewhere!! Area52 (Wade) Aztec NM lets here from everyone else!!
  8. area52

    M816 towing a M54A2

    So on Sat Nov 12th, I am going to attempt to bring home my long lost M54A2 from Trinidad CO. I have had bad luck with arranging transportation, so I am just going to try it myself with the M816. I have been reading all the towing posts and the FM 20-22 manual. I am picking up some new...
  9. area52

    ATTN: Denver/eastern Colorado people

    Anyone in eastern Colorado/Denver/Colorado Springs area that has a 5 ton or wrecker? I have a M54A2 in Trinidad (south eastern part of CO) that I have been trying to get moved to Aztec NM ( north west part of NM) I have a towbar and chains and air hose so all I need is someone with a big...
  10. area52

    Trinidad CO to Aztec NM M54A2

    I traded for a M54A2 in Trinidad CO. It does not run right now. You would need a winch or something to get it on a trailer (RGN or lowboy preferred since there is no dock that I know of close by). It rolls and steers fine. I have a towbar if someone would want to try and tow it back for me...
  11. area52

    Check your credit card!!

    I bid and won a generator in Event # 5772 from GL. I paid via my debit Visa card. last Friday. Today I found two charges on my card that I did not charge. Filed a dispute claim with my bank but I know this has happened to people before with GL. Not saying it is them for certain but everyone...
  12. area52

    Mep 701a Sharpe to Aztec NM

    Won a Mep 701a at Sharpe Depot by Stockton CA, need it shipped to Aztec NM. Just trying to see if anyone can do it cheaper than me driving out to pick it up.
  13. area52

    New Mexico meet and greet ??

    New Mexico meet and greet CANCELED! Throwing this out there for ideas and thoughts......... I was thinking of hosting a meet and greet at my place in Aztec NM on Sat. Aug 27 2011. I have plenty of room for 10-15 trucks at least, could have a BBQ and shoot the breeze session. I know there...
  14. area52

    M816. M920 and the big move

    Today Soni (M920) came by my place to pick up my M816 to work on it for me at his place. My time, skills and motivation are in short supply around here so I had asked Soni if he could pick up my wrecker and work on it for me. Let me say - Soni is a very nice and helpful person, I can't say...
  15. area52

    Classifieds question

    What is the ruling on a MV business posting multiple ads in the classifieds here? yea or nay?
  16. area52

    Mack 246 on ebay

    Did anyone see or better yet, buy that Mack powered M246 that closed yesterday on Ebay? I didn't save the link for the auction but it was listed under heavy military wrecker. It was missing the 5th wheel plate and was modified a bit, but it was definitely a M246. Last I saw it was at about...
  17. area52

    springer seat base/fuel selector

    When I got my M816 the drivers side springer seat was not bolted down, just sorta tossed in the cab. I went to line up the holes and the fuel selector switch on the floor seems to get in the way of the plate on the base of the seat. Is it supposed to be notched or how does it fit around the...
  18. area52

    classifieds at the top!! YEA!!

    Thanks for putting a "classified ads" at the top so people don't have to ask: Wheres the classifieds at? :-D:driver::beer:[thumbzup]
  19. area52

    firewall picture request

    I have been searching for pictures of the drivers side engine compartment firewall for a M54A2 truck. Been trying to figure out exactly what items I am missing from mine. The tech manuals don't show a complete picture along with all the things attached to the firewall. Anyone got any good...
  20. area52

    5 ton multi wiring

    Well I asked on here before about a wiring diagram for the LDS engine and found the one in the 211-2-2 is for the gasser engine I think ( has the distributor and spark plugs but no master switch and start button or manifold heater stuff) I pulled up the one for the deuce and am gonna try to...
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