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  1. CMPPhil

    2020 Weare NH Summer Rally has been CANCELLED

    The 2020 MVMVC Weare Rally Is Canceled This decision is made with an abundance of caution to protect our club members, their family, and friends from possible exposure to the Covid-19 Virus. It was felt by those involved in the discussions that the changes necessary to the Rally to reliably...
  2. CMPPhil

    HMMWV Video Spotted Do you speak German

    Hi Spotted this by accident but I really would love to know what the are saying. Cheers Phil
  3. CMPPhil

    Did you Attended the Massachusetts History Expo on Saturday??? Saftey Alert

    Hi All I just received the follow message from the organizers of the event concerning a part found after the event: site Hi from Massachusetts Military Vehicle Collectors Club (MASE) I'm trying to find a guy who has 4 children's and a 5t, M923sr who went to the Massachusetts History Expo on...
  4. CMPPhil

    Rebuild Contract

    ​Hi Just spotted this on Youtube Published on 29 Sep 2018 The U.S. Army Contracting Command has awarded AM General a contract for modernizing and extending service life of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs). The contract, announced Monday by the U.S. Department of...
  5. CMPPhil

    How long is the time out feature?

    I've search and can not find out how long before the time out logs you out? Problem I'm having is that every now and then while I'm typing in a response to the system logs me out. Not a big deal just login again but what is annoying is that you loose your unread threads list, is there a...
  6. CMPPhil

    Fire extinguisher recall of Kidde

    Hi All It was just on the morning news that KIDDE is having a major recall on fire extinguishers dating back 70s. Just checked the shop and trucks an I have 3 of the larger units on the list. Here is the link to the government website, the actual lis is on this site-...
  7. CMPPhil

    MVMVC Fall Foliage Tour Completed

    Hi All Saturday Oct 21 our local club had its annual fall foliage tour 140 miles + of roaming around on the back roads of New Hampshire. Here is our starting line up we had a couple more people who had hoped to attend but home commitments kept them away this year, well maybe next year. We...
  8. CMPPhil

    Anybody in Killington VT area willing to help with a wedding on September 23rd

    Wedding help in Killington VT Sept 23rd Hi Just got a last minute request from a couple both active Vermont Army National Guard who are getting married at lodge in Killington, VT on Saturday the 23rd of September. They are looking for HUVEE or other military vehicle for the ceremony, had...
  9. CMPPhil

    Where do you post interesting MVS for sale

    Hi Where do you post information about interesting MVs that come up For Sale? Example recently a SteelSoldiers member said he wanted a body for a CCKW one of my local MV club members has one For Sale along with several other CCKW trucks. (Yes, I've put the two in contact.) Is it OK to post...
  10. CMPPhil

    Why does the embed feature not always work?

    Hi Could someone point me at the thread that explains how to embed Youtube videos. Tried searching but if you include the word "embed" in search you get too many responses with many of them being post that have embed youtube videos. I am somewhat perplexed as sometimes I can embed a video...
  11. CMPPhil

    Strange Sound - CMP HUP cold start

    Hi All In the vain of trying to track down the source of noises that occur with MVs. The truck in question is a 1945 Canadian Military Pattern CMP model HUP Heavy Utility Personnel. Truck had a complete overhaul about 3 years ago I've owned it since 1979 and been driving regularly since 1980...
  12. CMPPhil

    Whats the best general book on MVs post 1990?

    Hi All Whats the best general reference book on Military Vehicles coming into service since 1990? I've been lurking on Steel Soldiers a while and joined recently. I've been involved with Military Vehicles nearly 40 years but most of my library concentrates on CMPs (Canadian Military Pattern)...
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