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  1. l3oss

    Shipping / Freight (large crate) into Canada from USA

    Im wanting to buy a m939 complete hood in crate. Im told the crate is roughly 6x6x4' and aprox 400lbs. What are some of my options for getting this hood in crate to my location(canada). All info would greatly appreciated.
  2. l3oss

    Accepting ideas for accessorizing this dump trailer.

    I would greatly appreciate any comments/ideas as to any functional ad ons & customizing I can do to this trailer to help make it one of a kind. I plan to get rid of as much surface rust as possible and then paint it to match my M923A2. What would you do to this trailer if it was yours...
  3. l3oss

    What Model Number Antenna Do I Need?

    Im new to the hobby and uneducated as to what modle number antenna i need. I have a m923a2 and have the bracket that would mount the antenna to the fender and i have an antenna base on the way from seller. Pics below. I want a long antenna.
  4. l3oss

    New Member From Regina, Sask. Canada

    Just navigating around the page trying to get myself familiarized with it. Im glad i was able to find this SS page thats dedicated to all of us with the green bug. I am the proud new owner of a M923A2. If any of you may be intrested in one(5ton) please feel free to msg me. In fact feel free to...
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