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  1. shootER

    Some old photos for seco

    That...would require me actually being able to locate it in my house. LOL Actually, now that I think about it I think it was actually an ad I clipped from a construction equipment magazine my dad used to get for his business back in the 80s and 90s.
  2. shootER

    Some old photos for seco

    Somewhere in a box in my house is a SECO flyer from around 1986 with a bunch of M5A1s for sale. IIRC they were sourced from a South American country.
  3. shootER

    M3 Stuart Tank pulled over for speeding!

    Nice. LOL It's an M5A1, BTW.
  4. shootER

    Sherman tank radial engine

    M3A3s, M5s and M5A1s did. M3s and M3A1s used radials.
  5. shootER

    play in the mud but underwater T-90

    True. LOL Unless we were actually doing gunnery, I always kept the cap installed to keep dust out of the tube. Nothing worse than swabbing a bore when you didn't even get to have fun shooting the thing. :\
  6. shootER

    play in the mud but underwater T-90

    If their tanks are anything like ours, they likely installed a rubber cap that goes over the end of the gun tube.
  7. shootER

    M60 PATTON Tank

    I've got photos from that drill, though most of them are of the tanks on and around the turn-in pads by MATES. I remember being told to do TCGST on the slick, but because I only knew the A3 from Fort Knox I was mostly clueless about most of the tasks on the list.
  8. shootER

    M60 PATTON Tank

    Same here, from 86-93. Started off in Charlie Troop, but while I was at Fort Knox for OSUT, they reorganized and when I got back everybody was in Alpha troop. Captain Nickel(s?) was my first Troop commander and 1SG Ricks was the top kick. Only drilled twice on the slicks before we went to...
  9. shootER

    M60 PATTON Tank

    What outfit, @Barrman?
  10. shootER

    M60 PATTON Tank

    AVDS 1790. Any M60-series tanks in Korea were US vehicles. South Korea operated M48s until converting to the K1-series MBT.
  11. shootER

    Bullet proof glass

    You might try calling these folks. If nothing else maybe they can hook you up with their supplier (assuming they don't make it themselves).
  12. shootER


    M41 Walker Bulldog. Postwar light tank.
  13. shootER

    M4 Sherman Hull on Farm

    I'm thinking the trailing idler is an "aftermarket modification", put on once the chassis was bought buy a civilian way back when. The rest of the hull (that we can see) and the transmission housing look like it was originally a gun tank.
  14. shootER

    Can you help me ID these

    Yes it is. I spent a very hot day there back in 2007 (sorry for the stretched video, it was shot in 4:3, but YouTube stretched to 16:9 for some reason).
  15. shootER

    M60A3 night vision value

    If that telescope came out of an M60A3, it's an M105D which is more of an auxilary sight. The preferred gunner's sight on the A3 was the Tank Thermal Sight. My avatar is a photo I took through the TTS on one of my tanks.
  16. shootER

    New track tool....

    It looks an awful lot like the track jacks we used on M60A3s and M1IPs. It wouldn't surprise me if the design went all the way back to the M26. And you do need two of them to break or reconnect track.
  17. shootER

    Armor pictures from '68-'69

    The rounds didn't really weigh all that much (no more than 40lbs each for 90mm, I would think) and, during gunnery, you don't fully load the vehicle with ammunition. Just enough to complete the engagements.
  18. shootER

    Tank Engine ID

    AFAIK, you've got to pull the pack to get to the starter. Once had a tank in my platoon short out the starter because the drain plugs were stopped up with mud and the engine compartment filled up with water on the wash rack. They had to pull the pack to replace it.
  19. shootER

    Armor pictures from '68-'69

    All the ranges I was on had a specific ammo "dock" (kind of like a heavy-duty loading dock) located behind and off to the side of the main firing line. When a tank crew completed firing their engagements, each tank went to upload ammo and offload empty shell casings there. The rounds were...
  20. shootER

    Armor pictures from '68-'69

    To more quickly load the rounds onto the tanks. Takes less time than uncrating the "tootsie roll" tubes and then taking the rounds out of those. I served on M60A3s and M1IPs and have seen similar setups on the ranges that I used (though always on ammo docks, not on the ground).
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