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    Question about where to post some old photos

    Hi, I came across a collection of WW2 pictures my dad collected when he was a kid during the war. Most of these are official govt PR sort of pictures he either bought or sent away for, as opposed to actual historic photos (unless you count ship launchings). There are lots of pictures of ships...
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    MEP-002, 003; gen head paint indication of burn out?

    If paint is pealed off gen head, is that an indication it was over heated? None of the ones I have had had pealing paint, so I was wondering if this would be a red flag on a generator for sale, that could not be tested before bought.
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    MEP-802 fuel pump failure

    I took my 802 out of container to give it a run, which I try to do every 6 months or so. The lift pump for day tank is not working. I have 24V to its harness plug, so no mystery there. Just wondering how common this failure is? Unit has only about 20 hrs since re set and the Airtex (new...
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    Minor forum suggestion; thread added to when posting notification

    I ran into a feature on a brewing forum I thought was useful: A notification comes up if else someone has added to a thread while you are posting on it. Not a big deal, but might reduce some redundancy in replies. I tend to type kind of slow and deliberate, so it is not uncommon for someone...
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    Using brew kettle as load bank.

    Thought it was time to exercise the generators again. Recently I installed tri clamp style water heater elements to my brew kettles to get away form having to use bottled propane. Mow I can put a steady load on the MEPs without using the house. I had a 4500 W 240 V element in today, which...
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    Armored John Deere tractor prototypes

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here is a interesting link about armored John Deere prototypes a member of Smokstak forum shared today.
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    Burnt valve on 6.2

    A lot of threads about 6.2 heads lately, thought I'd add one. Am working on another low mileage M-1008, when I got it from GSA, it had what I thought was a bad lifter. After taking valve cover off and compression test, it turns out to be exhaust valve. 400 or better PSI three cylinders on that...
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    Why does log in time out?

    I'm just about done posting any thing more than quick replies. Why does log in time out? yes I know I could check the 'remember me' box, but this is not a secure site, according to firefox, so why would I do that? Did not even find restore content function this time... We are supposed to...
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    No ability to paragraph

    In the last couple posts I have made, the forum has compressed a couple of paragraphs into one run on. Is this new, or is some setting of mine off?
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    MEP-802a 803a glow plug removal question

    My 802 only fires on one cylinder cranking in cold temperatures, so, no start. My first guess is to check the "glow plugs" though that is not what they are called in TMs on this. I suppose it is possible a wire is loose or broken on heater relay also. I probably have missed something, but...
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    From M-1010 to dump truck

    Not a hot rod, but modified. Here is one I recently finished. Has been a back burner project for several years after I bought a 1010 cab & chassis off GSA. Listing said,"may have transmission problems" haha, it was missing transmission and transfer case. Had to wait to retire a rusted out...
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    Please read this if you use brake clean

    Hi, I just copied this off Smokstak forum. A safety tip that was meant to be shared. I knew the stuff stank, but did not know it could be this dangerous.
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    Injector nozzle comparison

    Has anyone tried injector nozzles other then Bosch? The ones I recently bought for 6.2 from Rock Auto are Bosch India. They have not so good reviews in a Mercedes forum I look at. Most of those guys like Monark (germany) or Bosio (italy) and consider the Boschs inferior. This is based on...
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    Vocabulary limits test

    Last week I tried to include the word 'profligate' (which means casual or wasteful spending or use of resources) in attempt for a touch of humor in a reply.After posting, the word had a rolling smiley face in the middle of it, with some of the letters gone. Was wondering if this was some kind...
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    MEP-003 Main AC breaker and R-3 adjustment questions

    Been working MEP-003. Runs fine, makes good power but breaker switches off at under 100% load. I guess these wear out, and this one has white powder on dried on it that either dripped down from above or oozed out as liquid. It also looks to be original breaker. So, I will probably order a...
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    Wiper circuit/fuel heater/switch test?

    A truck I am fixing (M1010 with 1008 wire harness both cab and engine) has wiper problems. Looked at TMs, used search and have been under the hood a couple hours. Blows fuses when wiper on low, works on high. Washer does not try to engage. Have tried a couple different wiper motors. Noise...
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    Can not edit post

    Wondering why I can not edit my most recent post in conversations about CDL.
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    Mystery fuel MEP-002

    Just got my second MEP-002 from GL. The other one's fuel tank smelled like old gasoline. It had been sitting a long time, everything dry. The new one was recently in service and looks freshly maintained, it still has some liquid in filter housing and smells like old gas as well, very...
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    Rusted out GPW

    I just bought an air compressor from a guy the next town over. He wants to sell this GPW. It is a couple stages too far gone to interest me, tub is bondoed all over and very rusty. Has Buick V-6, don,t think much is original except for axles. His asking price is $200, says he has a...
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    Lessons from my 002a

    I just got a MEP 002a from GL, it was one of the more tired ones out of Pa last month. The recent WIKI posting on these is very usefull. Went though the usual filter stuff, tank cleaning. I was spoiled with my last year's purchase of a mep 701a, which had over 400 hrs, but started and...
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