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  1. DatGuyC

    Jerry Can Carrier

    I have the rhino tire carrier also and kinda want to do what you did with the jerry cans but I just don't like how much they block that left tail light.
  2. DatGuyC

    blew fan clutch hose

    I made custom PS lines for my corvette out of stainless braided Teflon lined hose I found on ebay. It said it was good up to 2500psi and 450 degrees F. I did have to use compression fittings but I figure I would do the same for the hummer if it ever needed it and would never have to worry about...
  3. DatGuyC

    Weird tire pressure issue

    What type of run flats are you using? The one piece rubber ones have notches in the rim where the valve stem should sit so its not blocked by the rim of the runflat.
  4. DatGuyC

    Coolant Surge Tank, is this genuine or aftermarket?

    +1 I dont trust the plastic tanks anymore since I've had 2 fail. Got an aluminum one and havent had any problems.
  5. DatGuyC

    wheel/tire options - budget minded?

    +1 but I'm going to add that the stock wheels with runflats ride like garbage most of the time. I'm hoping that moving up to 17's without the runflat improves the ride a bit.
  6. DatGuyC

    Run flats, M998, sand & low tire pressure, help needed

    Some company makes PVC beadlocks you can run instead of the factory runflats so you can air down as much as you want and not worry about popping the bead.
  7. DatGuyC

    wheel/tire options - budget minded?

    H2 wheels with bored out centers, easily done with a router. You can find 37's for a 17" wheel pretty easily.
  8. DatGuyC

    steering binding

    Ive been having a similar issue where the steering will feel like its binding when trying to turn. Normally I would think this was a joint or something but it only happens in the summer for me. Ive driven my truck plenty of times over the winter ans it hasnt happened once. This leads me to...
  9. DatGuyC

    Please help with NP218 issue

    Funny, I'm working on the same issue today. Rubber plug, not threaded or even really retained by anything but friction. Tapped the hole 1/8 NPT and put in a flush plug. Hopefully stops it from weeping. This is on a np218, not sure if the np242 is the same.
  10. DatGuyC

    M998 upgrade

    You want to tow 35k at *65mph* in a HMMWV. Must be some pretty good drugs going around down there in Texas. I'm sorry but I don't even know where to begin. You want to tow more weight than even the newest large pickups were designed to tow with a truck that is rated at a max towed capacity of...
  11. DatGuyC

    M998 upgrade

    You want to tow 35k at 80mph in a HMMWV. Must be some pretty good drugs going around down there in Texas.
  12. DatGuyC

    Hub bearing?

    I'd really check your spindle nut on that hub. Last thing you want is for that wheel to come off and go rolling down the road.
  13. DatGuyC

    Passenger Side Mirror

    when you move the mirror bracket towards the front of the truck it should hit a spot where it feel like it gets locked in and harder to move, thats where the bracket is supposed to sit.
  14. DatGuyC

    HMMWV and 2-post lift?

    My dad has a 2 post lift and the arms extend far enough to catch the frame rails, had it on there a couple times.
  15. DatGuyC

    Humvee summer question

    Possible, but its not going to be as easy as a jeep. Like bikeman said the windshield is really only folded down when air-dropped or space is needed, it doesn't seem designed to be frequently done or actually driven around like that. The biggest pain is going to be getting the soft top on and...
  16. DatGuyC

    Mounting options?

    I think it comes down to how it is acquired. We spent our hard earned cash on these trucks and don't want to mess it up because we will have to pay to fix it. Guys at the motor pool don't care if they drill holes and chop stuff off, its not their truck and uncle sam will pay to fix it if need be.
  17. DatGuyC

    Mounting options?

    I don't like drilling holes either and use existing holes when possible. I just feel that if I ever change my mind on the placement of something I will still have a permanent hole in that location. For my reverse lights there are already holes on each side near the bottom of the fenders so I...
  18. DatGuyC

    12 volt to trailer wiring

    I used my cable yesterday to tow a little 5x8 trailer with all LED lighting, worked like a champ.
  19. DatGuyC

    12 volt to trailer wiring

    My first idea was to use converters on each wire so I wasn't pulling all the power off the E pin, but I found that the converters don't turn on/off fast enough for a turn signal flash. I tried it on incandescent trailer lights that pull decent power so with LED's the turn signal might not even...
  20. DatGuyC

    12 volt to trailer wiring

    Everything except the metal enclosure is from ebay haha. The case I got from mouser or digikey I think.
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