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  1. blisters13

    CANCELLED: Plymouth CA April 2020 swap meet attendees?

    Anyone going up from So Cal? -Ken Beaumont, CA
  2. blisters13

    Gun Ring M36 / M49

    Hi All: I am starting this thread specifically for the M36 / M49 machine gun ring, as will be installed on my 1968 Kaiser-Jeep M35A2. I understand they were installed in military units, but I have not seen proof. This ring weighs about 80-90 pounds, which makes it MUCH lighter than the M66...
  3. blisters13

    I-10 San Antonio TX to Beaumont CA So Cal package

    Anyone going along I-10 can pick up one package approx. 60” x 36” x 6” at 60 pounds in San Antonio, TX. Drop off/meet in vicinity of Beaumont, CA 92223. Some cash for your effort is offered. Looking for this to happen between Feb 15 2020 to end of May. Ken 909-534-2628
  4. blisters13

    Need pics of M35A2 cab plate for gun ring

    Hi All: I’m installing an M49/M36 gun ring on my 1968 M35A2. I have the ring and will be fabricating the rest. I need some pics of an installed support plate in the rear of the cab, if anyone could help me out. I’ve already reconditioned and repaired the carriage and have a M2 cradle that’s...
  5. blisters13

    Machine Gun Ring TM 9-1005-245-14 dated 1973 includes tripods and column mounts

    This TM includes illustrations of truck gun rings not seen in the -13&P issue, I believe.
  6. blisters13

    M36 Ring ok for M35A2?

    Hi All: I have just received what appears to be an M36 gun ring with trolley; no legs or other hardware. I will possibly need to do some electrical work on another old mil truck to make it an even deal. The question is, would this ring be totally NOT appropriate for the M35A2? I really like...
  7. blisters13

    NEED A DEUCE OR 5 TON FOR VETERANS; Santa Clarita, CA July 4, 2019

    Hi All: Can anyone provide a Deuce or 5 ton for a parade in Santa Clarita this July 4th, to carry a group of former Marines? Please contact Ken at 909-534-2628 (me, the Poster) and I will relay contact info. I am trying to get more details now, and will post as they become available. THANKS
  8. blisters13

    Civilian parts list?

    Hi All: I tried a Search to no avail. Is there a NAPA or other brand carb kit for the original Hurricane engine? I am in the process of buying my first M715 and need to make it operable; it has sat outside for over ten years. (I will be pulling the spark plugs and looking into the cylinders...
  9. blisters13

    2017 winter SoCal meet Vietnam display Nixon library in Yorba Linda

    I plan to make a run with my deuce to the Nixon Library in conjunction with the U.S. National Archives Vietnam exhibit. Tentively Fri. Dec. 29 or Sat. Dec. 30. A few of my co-workers and several in my family and friends are Vietnam vets; I don't know if any will also be going. Anyone wanting...
  10. blisters13

    Identify these antenna parts?

    Hi All: What are these parts used on? Were they used on M151s? THANKS!!
  11. blisters13

    What is this USMC trailer, and it's use?

    Located at Camp Pendleton: Thanks!
  12. blisters13

    My item is in a secret location! NOT HAPPY

    The item I want is in a secret location! NOT HAPPY I am really pissed at GovPlanet. There is a trailer I want; the item description lists it as being in Lathrop, CA. I called GP and said I want the address, because I want to know if it's at a private storage yard where I would have to pay a...
  13. blisters13

    Hub Lifting Eye Removal

    So, as a new owner of an M151A1, I was confused about the hub nuts, how to take them off, how they were designed, etc. In TM 9-2320-218-20, Fig. 2-296 on page 2-179 you can see the lifting eye and locknut, but the copy I have does not offer a clear picture. I had also heard various comments...
  14. blisters13

    Which Blackout Headlight and Bracket?

    Hey All: I am currently collecting missing parts for my -A1 project; the blackout headlight is missing, and that's the next item on my list. Can someone post or email a couple of detail pictures of the correct one, or post which assembly if used on other trucks such as the M35A2, 5-ton...
  15. blisters13

    Is this the wrong starter or Bendix?

    M151A1: Is this the wrong starter or Bendix? Hi All: This Bendix stays engaged (makes ratcheting noise when turning the engine over by hand), does not seem stuck, and I've never seen one like it. It came out of the vehicle, not loose. Ratcheting faces: Is it the wrong one for my M151A1? If...
  16. blisters13

    M151A1 New to the fleet here in SoCal

    Hey All: Just got this M151 today and was wondering if anyone would like to say what's on their mind about it. I have restored a WWII Dodge WC-43 and repainted and maintain a 1968 M35A2. I will start restoring this jeep in a few months after I take care of some loose ends and sell the WC-43. I...
  17. blisters13

    Flatbed heavy hauler in Barstow, CA area?

    Hey All: I will be joining a convoy from Devore, CA to Amboy, CA and am looking for contact info for heavy hauler flatbed in case of breakdown. I know they are out here as I saw them many times at the Gov Liq yard in Fontana, CA but never thought to ask for their info....
  18. blisters13

    NEW 1100-20 11.00-20 NDCC tires?

    So...... Is $450 each plus shipping and possibly tax the best deal for new 11.00-20 tires today??? This price at Coker Tire. I have been buying 12- to 15-year-old tires with like-new tread but they are cracking deeply through the tread and the sidewalls are cracking a bit, too. I cannot afford...
  19. blisters13

    M35 Rockwell Axle Cutaway Training Aid pics

    Hi All: Melanie Carter at Memphis Equipment was very kind in sending me a few smartphone snapshots of a training aid they own. Hope some people find these interesting (I did!):
  20. blisters13

    Vietnam Deuce bumper-mounted wire cutter?

    For all you guys who were in-country Vietnam or have seen this: I was meeting some vets for a parade this last November and one of them said I ought to make and install a wire-cutter on the front bumper, like what the M-38s and M151's had (this is the pole made of angle iron with a hook at the...
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