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    Trying to reach Kurt Lessor

    Does anyone have contact info for Kurt?
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    Looking for civillian rims for M416 trailer

    Does anyone know if there is a civillian rim that will bolt on without modifacation to a M416 trailer?
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    Tri State MV club Chattanooga TN Oct 15-16

    Popacom and myself will be setting up at this show Oct. 15-16 if you need anything let us know.THANKS and hope to see you there.
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    pedestal foot needed

    I need the rounded foot for the M4 pedestal for the M151.Will buy a set if thats what you have.THANKS Tony
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    M 416 trailer axles for sale

    I have 4 NOS 416 axles left.These are hub to hub,great for replacement or building a custom trailer.150 each or 500 for all 4.Can deliver to knob creek,Aberdeen show,or national convention.PM me or call 1-859-749-5659.Tony
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    need info

    A friend of mine has a special ops sexed up 718 chassis that he has some questions about.Any info would be apreciated.THANKS
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    5 ton gasser parts

    Is there any demand for 5 ton gasser parts?I got in some NOS water pumps,gasket sets,ring sets and other parts if anyones interested PM me or call 1-859-749-5659.THANKS
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    ACAV shields

    I have about 6 of these complete with a M23 cradle and ammo box holder.450.00 each.Also have the M142 short pintle M60 cradles for 100.00 each.M 19 periscopes with cables and power supplies 350.00.PM or call Tony at 1-859-749-5659.THANKS
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    VIC 3 manuals needed

    Looking to buy the operating manuals on the VIC 3 intercom system.THANKS
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    NSN help needed

    Need help checking a stock number on Oil seal assembly 1440-01-142-7563.I got about 60 of them in with some other stuff and hate to can them if they are any good for any thing.THANKS
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    tops and doors for sale

    I have three set of NOS tops and doors for the 2 man cargo version.Can deliver to the Mid Ohio show or the gun truck event in Tennessee in August.250.00 for a set.
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    shelter tie downs

    I got about 15 sets of these boomers for shelters in the back of a deuce or 5 ton.Will sell them here first for 25.00 a set and can deliver to Aberdeen.Also still have a lot of wooden tent poles that I can bring along if anyone needs them.PM or call me at 1-859-749-5659.
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    gen set manuals for sale

    Got in a bunch of older generator manuals.Will try here before they go on ebay. TM 5-6115-241-10,-20,-20P,35P for the 15KW 3 phase skid mounted generator 30.00 for all 4 manuals.TM 5-6115-365-15 trailer mounted PU-236A/G 10.00 Will be listing others in the next couple of days.Manuals are used in...
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    trailer parts FS glad hands,dolly jacks

    Got about 30 of these NOS glad hands in 5.00 each.3 of the dolly leg gear units NOS 50.00 each.All plus shipping.PM me or call 1-859-749-5659. THANKS
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    caution yankee smugglers

    These 3 yankees showed up at my place at 1:30 AM to pick up stuff for the Florida rally.As you can see they are smuggling a large amount of michigan road salt headed south.Thats Lane aka citizen soldier and Rob aka Gimpy Rob.Great to meet these guys and put names and faces together.Hope everyone...
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    I found a bunch of oil seals that I think are for the 5 tons.NSN 1440-01-142-7563,can any body confirm that for me?THANKS
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    Any one recognize these bow sockets?

    About 14" tall,1 1/4" wide,1" deep, necks down on one end.Maybe for 3/4 ton generator trailer?
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    16 speed automatic caterpillar transmission

    Came across 2 16 speed automatic transmissions made by Caterpillar for the military road tractor.1 appears NOS and the other has been depot rebuilt.New from Cat 45,000 each.I want 3.000 each or both for 5500.Will load FOB my place in central Kentucky,can ship about any carrier,or deliver to...
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    Parts kit switch

    Any one know what these switch parts kit fit?Maybe humvee.Part #5930010946550
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    JAHCO external energizer

    Any body know the value of a Jack&Heintz external energizer for starting older aircraft?
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