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    Gun Truck Brutus.

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    M134 Minigun build.

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    Notice anything wrong about this picture?

    The guntruck appears to be Pandimonium.
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    363rd Transportaion Canned Heat Gun Truck

    3 or 4 guntrucks per company was about normal.
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    My Guntruck build.

    Hey Smoke, it's been a long time since I got on here but I finally found a pic of the M-60 mounts. Looks like they were just the top of an infantry tri-pod welded to the top of the bed. Hope your truck is coming along OK.
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    My Guntruck build.

    Well, it looks great except you've got the Company wrong. It should be 64t instead of 54t.
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    New Gun Truck Book.....

    Great book. A lot of trucks I'd never heard of before.
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    My Guntruck build.

    Smoke, as best my memory can recall and looking at my pics I would say 34094 is probably as close as any of them. The box was slightly lighter green, possibly just a mix of several cans laying around the motor pool.
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    Vietnam tribute Truck

    All of the trucks I was familiar with had the full seating in the cab. 3 man crew could all fit in there during monsoon if you were in an area that we considered safe.
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    Gun Truck Accessories

    Ammo cans. Just about any weaponry that was military issue in the previous 30 or so years would show up on one truck or another. Thompsons, M-3 grease gun, LAW, 1911 45, 38 revolver, M-79, M-16s and 60s. A couple of stretchers, ponchos, spare M-2 barrels. Couple of C-ration cases busted open and...
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    M37 Vietnam Resto Build Thread

    Good luck, they're great trucks.
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    What does a jeep cost Uncle Sam?

    When in AIT learning to drive the Army way, we were told to be careful with those $4000 M151A1s.
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    Vietnam tribute Truck

    Hey Driver, what pass is that in your pic?:?:
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    Vietnam tribute Truck

    I love seeing the old yellow nose trucks as long as the bumper markings are correct.
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    Vietnam tribute Truck

    If you're building a tribute to an armor unit, NO yellow nose, 8th group only. In 69-70 we had the yellow lights and a few west coast mirrors.
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    Crude oil

    Also, it is HIGHLY corrosive on steel and especially copper.
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    151A1 jeep project

    Randy, think you'll have it ready for Fort Lee?:D
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    Extended Cab Deuce (photos)

    Not a fan of bobbers, but this thing is NICE. Really impressed with the heavy duty construction of everything.
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    Vietnam Gun Truck Names

    Thanks Driver, that first pic was taken after the rollover. As you can see, all that's left is the armored windshield. I didn't even remember the name being painted on the front.
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    Vietnam GT Weapons

    As Driver said, if you can imagine it, someone had it. We had a couple of Laws on the Mighty Minny at one time. Never needed them and finally fired them at the range just for the heck of it. Not saying noone had them but I personally never a Thompson on a truck. The ARVNs had some but could...
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