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  1. 319cssb

    Mep804a 170v on output terminal?

    The generator puts out electricity at 60hz but 170v to the L's and neutral. Can someone give some advice on how to manage the voltage down to 120v?
  2. 319cssb

    MEP804a question under voltage

    Hello all. I am having a few issues with my gen set. When I start the gen, I will get a 'under voltage ' light. Someone has messed with the k5 relay before, it was not bolted to the base and loosely in there. They may have replaced it or put a faulty one in. I cheched the magnetic sensor on...
  3. 319cssb

    M123 how do you like yours?

    To all the m123 owners. Do you have any pointers as to what to look out for ? What do you use yours for? Would you buy it again?
  4. 319cssb

    Brushguard dimensions

    I am not with my truck but Can anyone tell me the thickness of the steel of the brushguard? And how wide it is?
  5. 319cssb

    Need an MEP 831 picked up in TX to SC

    As the title said. if possible pick up sometime in the next two weeks . Today is 10/19/ Thank you , if you can help me
  6. 319cssb

    M813 radiator

    delete delete
  7. 319cssb

    809 fuel tank drain gasket.

    does someone know a source for the m813 fuel tank drain copper seal?
  8. 319cssb

    M1008 or 1028 rattle

    When im stopped at the light , i hear a loud rattling . It sounds like it could be the bed bolts? Maybe tank straps? Does anyone else have that? I think i had that on a previous m1028 i had , but cant remember how to remedy it.
  9. 319cssb

    Alternator question

    After having my alternator rebuilt, should it sqeak like that? I have the feeling he just replaced the bearing i could see. Also asked for a new bushing in the bolt ears. He said i can get them from lowes. where can i get a new bushing from?
  10. 319cssb

    magic question m1009

    How on earth is one supposed to tighten this color nut on the backside of the power steering pump?
  11. 319cssb

    M1028a2 front hub rehab

    Good morning everyone. is there a two piece seal for the front axle of the dually? I am going to replace the wheel bearing and was wondering if the bearings are special? Autozone got a few to pick from. Anything i should look out for?
  12. 319cssb

    front driveshaft boot?

    The 20p shows a boot on the front driveshaft , I don't see it on my truck. When I googled photo's of the front driveshaft I don't see a boot , either. Am I missing something here?
  13. 319cssb

    wiring help MEP 004a

    I need to find this harness.
  14. 319cssb

    oil board stencils for USMC?

    I am gathering all the stuff to paint the 5 ton. Now there are a bunch of stenciled areas on the truck, Namely on the trucked about flipping the seats up before lowering the sides of the bed and such. is there a company that sells them? or a member here?
  15. 319cssb

    Some annoying starting issue

    I noticed that sometimes when I crank the truck. The engine would turn over but not catch. If I connect the slave cable and jump with my other cicv, she would glow a lot shorter time and then start right up. The batteries both show over 12,6v and I took the battery cables off and cleaned them. I...
  16. 319cssb

    m1028 duallies -what were they used for

    I know some where used as comm shelter carriers in the Air force. Is that what they were used in the Army as well? Do you know what they were used for and by which units?
  17. 319cssb

    Airleaks.. where to look for them m813

    I have the fording kit installed on my M813. How long does it normally take for the air system to leak down? Where are the common leak places? Armed with a soapy spray bottle, I started to hunt for leaks . found some. But I am afraid there must be more.
  18. 319cssb

    Air horns are leaking.

    Is there a way to adjust them? Or will I need a new solenoid or similar?
  19. 319cssb

    Paint prep question

    My cucv was painted in carc, them in fire 🔥 dept red and then in black (primer?). I would like to use xylene to clean off the last layers of paint to the carc and repaint that. The door has some cracked spot on it. I assume its a good layer of bondo after the opional 10k forklift hug. Does my...
  20. 319cssb

    how much paint is needed?

    I want to paint my M819 in Woodland and was wondering how many gallons of paint I'll need?
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