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  1. patracy

    GA Cummins 3.3 QSB engine

  2. patracy

    Web issues

    The first link looks like it might have came from the vBulletin days. Where (what page) was that link posted? I'll have to remove it, it's not valid. Second link is some sort of abomination from tapatalk. Very little I can do for anything they post, but I will take a look at it if you can...
  3. patracy

    Web issues

    I'm going to need the url you're trying to open. I can only tell from your pic that it's open to the conversations forum. Anything displayed is the end result, I need to understand what link you're clicking on that dumps you there. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. patracy

    Web issues

    Looks like you're using tapatalk. What is the hyperlink you're trying to use? I know you mentioned something similar in the past about not being able to post in foruns. But you never provided an example. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. patracy

    MV of the Month January 2020

    Poll is up!
  6. patracy

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - January VOTE HERE!

    Please vote for MV of the month! Feel free to campaign in this thread, but please keep it here and not via PM. 1. Glenngineer 2. Ipcoating 3. Tracer 4. Migginsbros 5. suzukovich 6. mdmorgan 7. VAWarWagon 8. markgjsquires
  7. patracy

    Durhamtown Lawsuit

    I so want to make a comment that would be political in nature. But I'll refrain. I suspect you're absolutely correct though.
  8. patracy

    M35a2 Wont start

    The TM section is at the top of the forum main page, specifically the M35 related TMs and info is under this section: Or click on the TM link at the top of any page to get to the TM section.
  9. patracy

    M35a2 Wont start

    5 hours. But keep on pushing.
  10. patracy

    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    So there's two parts to this. Watching a thread and email alerts. If you're not wanting to get email alerts about them, follow the process mentioned before. The watched threads page is now just a list of the threads that you watch. There isn't an option to change this. It's to weigh them in...
  11. patracy

    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19 The little box is used to select them.
  12. patracy

    Softer suspension on M998 (? )

    Why not? The weight of the front end isn't changing.
  13. patracy

    Softer suspension on M998 (? )

    I know it's not a viable solution. But mine rides more comfortably compared to what it was when it was a 2 man soft top to a 4 man slantback/turret. They simply sprung them heavy to be able to handle the weight of any configuration. I'd suggest lighter springs and new shocks in the rear at...
  14. patracy

    Private Messages / Conversations

    Currently you don't. I'm trying to find a suitable solution to this for everyone. It's the one design that most everyone dislikes about xF.
  15. patracy

    Special M35 steering gear project

    Between these posts and the message, this thread is done.
  16. patracy

    MV of the year 2019

    I'm not sure how you got dropped out of it. I've updated the poll and you're listed now. I'm sorry.
  17. patracy

    No privilege to post here

    Can you provide a link to those in question?
  18. patracy

    I can't post my truck in the classified section

    I assume you've got this resolved seeing the ad now?
  19. patracy

    Anyway to increase thread lines over 20

    It can't be done. Not without breaking it.
  20. patracy

    Anyway to increase thread lines over 20

    No. As discussed in the migration/upgrade thread, it only will display the set number of replies per page for SEO. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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