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    Super easy windshield wiper military to civilian on the cheap.

    1- remove arm from vehicle. 2- remove blade from arm. Save screw and bolt! 3- grind off rivets that hold the blade receiver to the arm. 4- smooth off the rivets 5- purchase Ansco 12 inch civilian wiper blades with included plastic adapter bits. [EDIT- Anco 12 inch 31-12] [SKEW...

    Quick question...How many CFM does 6.2 engine take at 2000RPM & 3000RPM @ Intake man?

    Quick question...How many CFM does 6.2 engine take at 2000RPM & 3000RPM @ Intake man? So on a 6.2 liter military detuned engine, how many CFM does the intake manifold flow at 2000 and 3000RPM. How many at WOT? Thanks, T

    WTB HMMWV COMPLETE Turbo doghouse with insulation

    WTB HMMWV COMPLETE Turbo doghouse with insulation. PM me with pics and price please.

    Where to buy electric components to fix M998/HMMWV PCB boxes?

    I need resistors and capacitors and 100amp relays and mosfets and such. Who are the players who sell these, and are there any site sponsors who sell this stuff? Where is Radio Shack now that I finally grew up and need them?

    Which of the 3 ignition switch wires can I use to power a relay?Which wire does what?

    So, I need power for my 24V back-up camera, and I want it to turn on when vehicle is running and turn off when I stop the engine. Which wire is live during the drive? Is it safe to run a "Y" connector through that wire to a relay that will turn on and off when I kill the engine? My desire is...

    M1101 with stuck brake adjustment handles on driver's side

    My trailer and I live near the ocean. Rust is the norm. Left trailer brake handle won't turn to adjust. Right "passenger's side" handle is fine. I was WD-40'ing things and noticed the handle won't rotate to adjust on the left. Is this a common issue and what should I do? Gonna use a fabric...

    Does anyone sell the PCB / EESS box side plugs for the PCB's?

    I am looking to buy the PCB/EESS plugs on the boxes. Not the plugs that attach from the vehicle, but the ones on the boxes themselves. Any source for these plugs new? Where would I start looking? T

    Is it allowable to recommend that we form a(n) FMV government lobby(ies)

    If I am out of line, please delete this thread..... After reading the following link (and countless others), I got to thinking: We keep crying to the same old song...

    Splitting up the TM Modern Conflict Vehicles into vehicle specific threads

    Finding technical manuals is sometimes a chore. TM numbers without descriptions, Finding TM's of LMTV when looking for HMMWV, etc... I would like to suggest and even volunteer to split HMMWV from the other manuals AND instead of just listing the TM#, placing the name of the TM such as "Vehicle...
  10. TOBASH

    Anyone in New York City with fiberglass panel mold making experience?

    I got a few panels to mold and replicate. Need some help.
  11. TOBASH

    Any way to block Tappatalk image postings?

    Site rules indicate no posting of temporary links/images that will expire... Tappatalk seems like exactly such a link AND it seems an increasing number of members don't upload to SS but instead posts images through Tappatalk, images that will die eventually. Can the site be made to block...
  12. TOBASH

    Bid (and lost) on M1083 in NYS Govplanet auction, but I got the bug

    Bid and lost today on GovPlanet on a M1083 with non-run engine. Auctions just went higher than I was willing to pay. I need a vehicle with added gross weight capacity. Might even attach a flatbed trailer mechanism. Need to pull and move my multiple vehicles from place to place and also want...
  13. TOBASH

    Where can I steal oil flow and pressure from on a 6.2 block?

    Where is the best place to drill and tap to steal oil flow from on a 6.2 liter block?
  14. TOBASH

    Best mechanical transfer case with 2WD option for HMMWV

    1987 Slantback with 6.2 and currently with TH-400. So, about to do a lot of stuff, and I figured if I'm gonna do a Bowtie 700R4 swap to my Slantback, I might as well consider swapping in a 2WD capable transfer case. I want to do highway vacation driving, so 2WD should help with MPG relief...
  15. TOBASH

    Just purchased and await delivery of M1102 with fiberglass top. Wanna make a camper.

    M1102 TAN with Fiberglass top, CAMO. 1) Is there a good thread about routine maintenance and essential upgrades? 2) What is best paint and supplier to paint tan CARC to Green with added Camo? I would prefer all one color, and my HMMWV is Camo too. 3) Any threads particularly devoted to M1102...
  16. TOBASH

    Is it hard to cross border in an old HMMWV from USA to Canada and back?

    1987 Slantback. I read elsewhere that driving out of country can be an issue. Anyone drive to and from Ontario or Quebec from New York in a HMMWV? How's about with pulling a M1102 trailer? Any issues? I would like to use my rig as a truck to drag me from ski slope to slope.
  17. TOBASH

    Need to transport M1102w/fiberglass top from 27107 Zipcode to 11235 Zipcode

    Purchased a M1102 with fiberglass military top. It is in good condition. It is full of equipment. It is currently in Salem, NC, 27107. I need it transported to my parking lot in Brooklyn, NY, 11235. It has a pintle. I can unload from shipping truck with my HMMWV if needs be. I've never used...
  18. TOBASH

    Need watertight male and female plugs that will support 24V/130Amp

    Starting to dissect and rebuild my HMMWV PCB. I want to find male and female plugs to cut into and attach waterproof to the PCB box. I want remote switches and pushbuttons that will support 24V and 20amp, with 8 guage wire. I want to place watertight plugs on the side of the PCB box, and run low...
  19. TOBASH

    Yellow Nartron PCB rebuild and glow plug control questions

    Bought a PCB box on Fleabay to make a simple Integrated Circuit delete unit. Opened the box up and found no evidence of burnout or water damage... Looks pristine. If it is a good unit, I would hate to destroy it. Is there any way I can test it besides mounting it to my HMMWV? What glow plug...
  20. TOBASH

    What size/dimensions with thread count/ are our lug nuts on the wheels?

    I want to change to "closed end" wheel lug nuts in order to reduce corrosion and "frozen lug nut" issues. I live by the Atlantic Ocean, and oil and anti-seize require periodic re-application. What dimension lug nuts do we use on our HMMWV's? TIA T EDIT - I have searched acorn nut, lug nut...
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