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  1. tobyS

    Used GoodRICH HMMWV tires

    Want 3 (or more) HMMWV Goodrich tires for trailer, usable, 40% or more and hopefully in/near Indiana.
  2. tobyS

    backup in low

    What (if any) 5 ton transfer cases do NOT have a problem with backing in low range?
  3. tobyS

    Another M817 wanted

    Looking for a very clean M817 near Indiana.
  4. tobyS

    Tandem trailer using M105 axles build

    I'm beginning a trailer build using (2) M105 axles. I just purchased some motor home tires and wheels, 19.5" budds with 8 x 19.5 tires. Got 6 and will have to find 3-4 more. Would like to have a couple spares. On the axle, they measure outside to outside....8'5" real close to the legal...
  5. tobyS

    WTB Bolster or M1061 rims.

    I need (1-3) of the one piece 16.5" bolster or M1061 rims. Thanks
  6. tobyS

    IN PTO conversion to direct mount pump.

    SOLD THE PTO ......I have a flange kit for directly mounting the pump in the OEM 5 ton Chelsea. It has SAE B (2 -4 bolt), 15 tooth spline. Free to good home if you pay for the ride...have straight shaft from the PTO I used a flange kit on, new, removed from NOS. It will need bearings as I...
  7. tobyS

    24 vdc hydraulic pump question

    I have a hydraulic pump that is listed in the classified but I may be missing a label that gives me all the information I need to know about the exact functions of the valve. If anyone recognizes the pump and has more information, please help me out. It appears to be a double action, power...
  8. tobyS

    Have you seen a M105 converted to gooseneck?

    Wondering about making an M105 into a gooseneck. Have you seen one? My under bed hitch on the A3 4x4 is about 10" behind the center of the axle. How about some ideas for using the space in front of the bed as part of the A.
  9. tobyS

    4x4 M105 bed cover

    I'm using the M105 bed on my A3 4x4 project and want a strong frame and canvas cover. I salvaged the uprights from the sides in the picture, but they are not strong and a couple are bent where the corners attach. All in all, it seems rather flimsy and going down the road at 50, might not be...
  10. tobyS

    16.00 on M929A2, pros and cons

    I'm thinking about 16.00's on my M929A2 which would free up the 395's on it for my M35A3 4x4. I've read plenty of threads on using 16.00 but none specific on the M929A2. First, my 929 is turned way down on fuel and fact it's a dog. Governor seems to be set at about 1950 and down...
  11. tobyS

    M1089 hyd schematic

    Where do I get the hydraulic diagram for a 1089 wrecker?
  12. tobyS

    S-788 trailer & camper build

    I'm putting together a camper using a Geithner S-788 box and Dexter axle. For now I have no brakes but I will add hyd disk and a surge actuator later. Box weighs about 600 but steel frame is heavy. Truck brakes have to do for now. I have an electric enclosure 2x2x6 for front storage and want...
  13. tobyS

    Deuce driveshaft extension for 4x4

    DUST SEAL, INTERMEDIATE DRIVESHAFT I need to replace the dust seal for the spline (slip yoke) on the TC to first axle driveshaft. It appears to be a hard felt material, has a washer and screw on cap. I can get by with just the seal. It is split on the side because it won't go over the spline...
  14. tobyS

    M105 bed (only) Fargo ND to N Indiana

    Need an M105 bed (not entire trailer) brought from Fargo ND to N Indiana. Last bed I used a u-haul car trailer and bales of straw.
  15. tobyS

    welder/gen from TC PTO

    Have you ever seen a welder/generator running from the output of the transfer case PTO on a Deuce (mine is A3)? One would think the diesel running at about 1200 rpm would be reasonably efficient if you can use the power.
  16. tobyS

    Deuce 4x4 with M105 reduced spring and air bag

    I've been posting on other threads like U-bolt and pinion angle so will bring the rear suspension to this thread, not piggyback on others. The deuce frame is not cut (bobbed), but I am using an M105 bed (and springs) that will overhang the frame by 3". To center the wheel wells, the center of...
  17. tobyS

    Frame height front and rear on 4x4

    I'm looking for comments about the difference in frame height from the front to rear on an M35A3 4x4 project. How much higher is the rear axle from the frame (desired) than the front axle? I've read bobber threads but can't seem to find a comparison. I'm not cutting my frame shorter. I'm...
  18. tobyS

    mount plow on D ring base

    Has anyone ever seen a snow plow (I have an A3 deuce), mounted on the front D ring base(s)? They seem very well attached.
  19. tobyS

    M35A3 and 809 series hood, thoughts on

    I took the headlights off the M35A3 and started to convert (make) a wider housing that has the turn lights on the outside of the headlights AND to limit the amount of debris that can get behind them with a walk plate (diamond plate) that is substantially reinforced and attaches at the fender...
  20. tobyS

    M35A3 Headlight reposition

    I'm changing the headlight and turn signal lights on my A3 because the side engine panel hits the turn light. I was going to make an entirely new one that would have both inside, but I decided to adapt the ones that were on it. It requires moving them inward on the fender to mount the turn...
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