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  1. Bravojmc

    Armored windshield retainer pics installed?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the retainer installed? Is this for a armored windshield ?
  2. Bravojmc

    Slant back M1045A2 top worth?

    What is a M1045A2 slant back top without turret or support worth these days.?
  3. Bravojmc

    Slant back louvers.

    Does anyone have a picture of the backside of these vents?
  4. Bravojmc

    Source for up armored armor?

    Hi guys I’m looking at finding the side armor plates for my 2000 M1045A2 Anyone know a source? Looks like this. I have the doors. .
  5. Bravojmc

    M1045A2 year 2000 what engine?

    Sorry but was wondering what engine was in a 2000 M1045A2? 6.5 GEP?
  6. Bravojmc

    Where to find newer style heater duct work?

    I'm looking for the new style heater duct work that runs on top of the dash...? Anyone know where to get this?
  7. Bravojmc

    X Door seal frame rivet size?

    I'm rebuilding my ex doors and I need to know the size of the rivets holding the Seal frame to the edge of the door if anyone has info please let me know thanks !
  8. Bravojmc

    Aux fuse panel. No fuse still power..?

    Hi guys, so I installed a 24v to 12v converter and it works great. It's making 12.3v from 25v. Now to the problem... I installed a Aux fuse panel and I have 12.3v at the main post into the fuse panel. I check the voltage on the fuse output and perfect 12.3v. Now the issue. If I pull the fuse I'm...
  9. Bravojmc

    Flat bar (first gen brushgaurd) questions?

    Hi guys I'm waiting on a first GEN flat bar brush guard. I had a question... what are the spacing between the vertical bars in front of the grill?. Side to side top to bottom. Anyone know?
  10. Bravojmc

    Confused... LED headlights...

    Ok here we go... I installed led headlights today and they worked fine, then I walked around to the front of the truck and the passenger headlight was barely putting any light out.... so I said **** my headlight just took a ****! So I wanted to see if it was the light or the truck so I switched...
  11. Bravojmc

    Electric fuel pump noise when key cycled..

    Today I went to start me rig and I turned the key to cycle the glowplugs and I heard a sound coming from my tranny tunnel area, like a electric fuel pump picking up fuel noise for 3 sec and I cant get it to do it again... any ideas?
  12. Bravojmc

    24v to 12v converter hmmwv

    I've got all the parts and I'm just trying to figure out what wires go to what. Also do I need a fuse between the converter box and the fuse block. The 24 V wires go to?. I am in no way electrical inclined! Do I take the negative wire from the 12 V out from the converter and ground it...
  13. Bravojmc

    Hmmwv led tail light replacement bulbs?

    I've looked all over the place for LED replacement bulbs and can seem to find them... I thought I saw somewhere that someone did this but I can't find ****... anyone...?
  14. Bravojmc

    24v to 12v converter?

    Does anyone know a cheaper way to get a 12v source on my Hmmwv? I do not have a dual alternator... I see the small 24v to 12v boxes on epay but don't know if it will work.. all I'm going to be running on 12v is a Pro-Gard G5000UTX-V electronic long gun mount... anyone have any ideas?
  15. Bravojmc

    H1's are back, kinda sorta

    Mods stop changing thread title! (MODERATORS STOP CHANGING MY TITLE FOR THIS THREAD!) What is so bad about (The day of sadness.......?) it's sad in my eyes that an American made icon can not be sold here in the USA! Mods if my title makes you for some reason want to run to your safe space and...
  16. Bravojmc

    Rapco Forest green Hmmwv.

    I'm repainting my Humvee with Rapco forest green and it sprays GREAT! It covers well but DOESN'T make the rivets look like they disappear.
  17. Bravojmc

    as3916 Antenna base nut and whip...

    PLEASE DELETE THREAD. FOUND A SUPPLIER! Hi guys, I'm in need of a antenna nut and whip for a as3916 base. anyone know where I can find one? had a guy that had both but he is MIA and can get a hold of him....
  18. Bravojmc

    Upper radiator hose part number?

    Good evening guys. I'm ordering a couple hoses and the hose I'm not sure of the part number is pictured. Anyone have any idea?
  19. Bravojmc

    Mrap seat w/highback seat base?

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has ever mounted a mrap seat to a highback drivers adjustable seat base...? Is it a bolt in or a fab? Thx
  20. Bravojmc

    Hood adjustment?

    My hood to body is a tad tweaked, Alittle forward on the LH side and a little rearward on the RH side. I haven't had a chance to loosen the bolt to see. It's like 1/4" maybe tad more off. Anyone know?.
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