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    Haul 5 ton from Barstow, CA to Salem, VA

    What would it cost to haul a 5 ton 923a2 from Barstow, CA to Salem, VA? Thanks Tommy Frantz
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    solar panels on a 923

    Hey Race Fans, I just picked up an M923A2 from gl and it has two 4" square solar panels mounted to the cowl just below the windshield. Does anyone know what they are for? I thought for a moment that my new toy was a solar/hybrid/whatever and I wouldn't have to feel guilty about driving it on...
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    925A2 ctis problems/hub air seals

    Guys, I'm having ctis issues on my 925a2, and I suspect the problem is the hub air seals. Last time I drove the truck, it sounded like they were 'squeaking'. Is it possible to pull the air seals and grease them, or do they just have to be replaced? Are they hard to get at? Next good rain we get...
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    window glass removal

    Guys, How do I remove the window glass from the driver's door of my 925? I can't get the glass to come out no matter how hard I try…. Thanks! Tommy
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    M923A2 speedometer broken

    Guys, Do the M923A2's use a cable driven or electronic speedo? Any place where I can get parts for it? Thanks! Tommy Frantz
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    Two new toys :)

    I picked up my two new toys yesterday in Ft. Meade. Got an M923A2 and an M925A1; we drove them home to Salem, Va with no problem whatsoever. We did have to jump-start the 923 because someone at GL left the master switch on. At first brush, it looks like everything works INCLUDING the CTIS...
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    New to this hobby

    Hey, Folks,, I'm new to this, so please be gentle. I just bought two trucks from GL, an M923A2 and an M925A1. How do I go about insuring these for the road? My insurance agent is coming up with nothing and I need to get them this week; they're in Aberdeen, MD., and I want to get them to Salem...
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