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  1. blacktop_one

    Fram fuel filter C1125PL not fitting MEP-002a

    I ordered two Fram C1125PL fuel filters off of Amazon for my newly-acquired MEP-002A generators since that was the part number listed in the 002/003 wiki. Problem is, they are too long. I cannot get the filter housing cups to snug up to the housing. The filters that were in there are WIX 33511...
  2. blacktop_one

    And then all of the lights went out...

    Was driving my deuce around just after dark the other night, and pulled up to the red signal light at the intersection. Then all of the lights went out! Holy crap! Luckily I had my convoy light on (it's directly wired to the batteries) or someone might have hit me. Well, I decided to go ahead...
  3. blacktop_one

    Pop-up hardtop trailer

    I keep seeing these trailers with what appears to be a pop-up hard top. Does anyone have an interior photo showing the mechanism by which they raise and lower this top? I'm intrigued and want to build something similar on my 105.
  4. blacktop_one

    Air shift switch behavior question

    I engaged my transfer case air shift switch for the first time today (no ugly noises, yay!) and was curious as to whether it's normal for it to pop off with a pffffft when you turn it back off? I've searched the other threads on air shift transfer case operation and didn't see this question...
  5. blacktop_one

    Convoy reflector question

    I see in the Military Convoy Operations in CONUS TM that there are "L" shaped reflectors "12 inches long and 2 inches wide at the lower corners of the vehicle's body" for added warning to the rear during convoy moves. No mention of the color, though. Anybody know what color they are supposed...
  6. blacktop_one

    TX MV Rally Picture Thread

    Here are a few pics from the First Annual Texas MV Rally in Bryan/College Station.
  7. blacktop_one

    Recommend me some gloves that don't melt

    Can anyone recommend a chemical resistant glove that typical paint strippers and rust removers won't melt? I've tried latex and nitrile medical gloves as well as dishwashing/household cleanup type yellow gloves. Maybe butyl rubber, or neoprene? How about brake cleaner? Will anything stand up...
  8. blacktop_one

    Delayed recovery conclusion, finally! Lessons learned...

    I finally got my m105a2 home. I couldn't recover it completely upon pickup from GL due to car trouble. See this thread: Lessons learned: 1) If you need to rent a tow vehicle, almost nobody will...
  9. blacktop_one

    Which data plate am I missing here?

    I've searched photos on the forums and on GL with no luck. Which data plate am I missing here? Thanks!
  10. blacktop_one

    Got my TX Former MV tag today. Easy!

    Finally received my SF97 for the deuce today, so I took everything to the Cypresswood Tax Assessor/Collector office and was out of there with my plate and title in less than 30 minutes. I did have to walk the lady through a couple of items, but overall it went a lot easier than I expected...
  11. blacktop_one

    Hooks m105a2 recovery tomorrow - gotta bad feeling

    Hooks m105a2 recovery tomorrow - gotta bad feeling. Edit: Pics added! Well, I'm picking up my 105 a2 tomorrow with my Ford Ranger from Hooks. I just have a bad feeling my transmission won't survive the trip back to Houston. It started feeling funny :-( on the drive up but maybe I'm just...
  12. blacktop_one

    Test this

  13. blacktop_one

    Recovery Time - Ft Sam

    Heading over to Ft Sam tomorrow to pick up my first deuce. Fingers crossed for no SNAFUs, TARFUs, or FUBARs!
  14. blacktop_one

    Paid in full invoice - finally! Ft Sam, here I come!

    I told Santa that all I wanted for Christmas is my big green truck. Today, I finally got my paid in full invoice - wahoo! Now I actually get to use all of that recovery gear that's been piling up in the garage. My company closes down between Christmas and New Year's so I'll have plenty o'...
  15. blacktop_one

    Ending prices last week, Ft Sam?

    Did anyone happen to capture the ending prices for the deuces at Ft. Sam last week? I won one of them but am just curious how a couple of the others ended. Closed watchlist doesn't seem to work this time. Thanks!
  16. blacktop_one

    Evidence of recent engine use

    Looking at the pics of some of the auction trucks, I notice that some do not have the tell-tale greasy spot around the valve cover breather and oil cap. Would that lead you to believe that it has been sitting for awhile and has not been run recently? Seems logical to me or does it?
  17. blacktop_one

    Help me prove that deuce fits in garage

    My wife doesn't believe me that a deuce will fit in a standard home garage (windshield folded down, exhaust stack removed, etc, with a 7' high door). I've seen the specifications and measured my garage so I know it'll fit. Anybody have a picture they can share showing this? Thanks in advance -...
  18. blacktop_one

    Trucks all mixed up

    I went to Fort Sam Houston today to look at the trucks and found that nothing on the ground matched what was online in the listings. Truck serial numbers did not match the lot numbers or event numbers posted on the windshield, event numbers were transposed (is it supposed to be 4687 or...
  19. blacktop_one

    General Preview Question

    I'll be heading to San Antonio next week to preview a few things. Question is, what are you allowed to do? Can you try to start the trucks or are you limited to just putting an eyeball on it to see if its what you want to bid on or not?
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