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  1. rtk

    Request for legal information / Military Vehicle laws - need input on your state

    Yes they are !!!LOL and don't forget some wings and blue cheese with a couple of cold ones !!!!
  2. rtk

    Request for legal information / Military Vehicle laws - need input on your state

    I can help you with NYSDMV laws pertaining to MV's . feel free to contact . I know there is a LOT going on in a lot of states with former mv's and it can be very frustrating . A lot of it goes back to the "off road only " issue which seems to be misunderstood by a lot of states DMV"s when it...
  3. rtk

    M1031 Cabinet locks

    I just use a set of keyed alike master locks , the catch cables I got fro McMaster Carr ., kinda secure , i understand , could always run a steel bar front tp back on the outside with it hinged front and back like we used to on the utility bodies
  4. rtk

    WANTED CUCV M1028(A) or M1008 or M1031

    Mike Morin on You Tube
  5. rtk

    New member waiting on delivery of M1008

    Welcome to the site . You picked a great MV to start with . Down load the TM's . Enjoy the ride !!!:beer:
  6. rtk

    New acquisition: M35A3

    yes , there should be a tee on the copper line coming from the compressor head , one side of the tee holds the copper air line , the other should have a relief valve in it ,. Simple fix , keeps your air system from damage if the pressure gets to high . let me know and I will check for the parts
  7. rtk

    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Outstanding job !!!!! it was a long haul , but worth the results . Congrats , all the best Bob k:goodjob:
  8. rtk

    New acquisition: M35A3

    Very nice ride . Is that one of Bob B's MV's ? Has the compressor relief valve upgrade been done , if not I may still have a kit out in the barn .
  9. rtk

    35A3 CTIS parts

    only item left is CTIS manifold , hose and relief service kit taken
  10. rtk

    35A3 CTIS parts

    Cleaning out the storage trailer and found some A3 parts . I have a complete NOS air manifold and harness for the A3 CTIS system , I also found a box of flex vent hose for the air assist steering , runs from the valve to the firewall , I also have the air compressor relief valve MWO Kit . all...
  11. rtk

    M35A3 :: to CTIS or not to CTIS...

    Same with me , system never worked and quad rings were leaking , so I just converted it over to A2 style bearing and seals . Run flats are a whole different story , do a search on that issue on this site , well worth the read . If you do keep the system I do have a few parts leftover . Also...
  12. rtk

    New guy from Western NY

    Any idea what you are looking for ? lots of MV's in the area . PM me if you need any info , would be glad to help , bob k
  13. rtk

    New guy from Western NY

    Welcome from Lockport NY , in your area The Finger Lakes MVC is pretty active . You can check them out on their web page
  14. rtk

    New guy From North Carolina

    Welcome to the site from western NY . :tank:
  15. rtk

    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Way to much rain this season !!!! yard and fields are a swamp !!!!! It would be nice to get more than 2 days without rain in a row !!!! maybe this weekend .:driver:
  16. rtk

    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Same to You !!! a good day of fishing demands a cold beverage !!!! enjoy
  17. rtk

    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    That would have looked great !!!!! 4 grand , ya I would have to let that pass to !!! LOL :driver:
  18. rtk

    CCKW splt front differential for GMC

    PM me , one of our members is into CCKW's , he may be able to help . We are located in WNY :tank:
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