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  1. Elijah95

    WTB: M38A1 wiring harness

    Looking for a complete NOS wiring harness for a M38A1, anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Elijah95


    I have a spare MTVR ac kit that I don’t need, it’s EVERYTHING needed to install ac on any MTVR truck powered by a caterpillar except the R134a refrigerant (doesn’t come in the kit anyway) They sell all day on eBay for $2000, Asking $1000 plus freight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Elijah95

    GA EXTENDED M105A1/A2 & S250 shelter

    **THE GENERATOR AND AIR CONDITIONING NOT INCLUDED** Selling off my M105a2 that was originally a Johnson furnace co production in 1967 and was military rebuilt around 2008. Still has the a1 tag as well as an A2 tag. Trailer is in EXCELLENT condition, with repacked bearings. Brand new bed...
  4. Elijah95

    Need 1 pallet from Tampa Fl-Georgia Rally

    Anyone coming from Florida to the Georgia Rally? I could use a single pallet being moved from Tampa to the rally, or my house near Newnan close to I-85? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Elijah95

    Saraland Alabama recover (1) tire and hold

    Anyone around saraland AL that can recover a tire and hold it for me? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Elijah95

    M989A1 Las Vegas pickup and hold

    Won an M989a1 trailer at a non government auction today, Anyone close that can recover and hold until my EUC clears on my truck and I can recover? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Elijah95

    POE/Mineral compressor oil

    I’m not a chemist, but after disposing of wmo and dealing with the carbon build up associated, I’ve been **** bent on finding a sustainable alternative consumable with as little side effects as possible; the resulting product for me was compressor oil. I have access to hundreds of gallons of...
  8. Elijah95

    MTVR A/C kit

    Looking for an MTVR ac kit, i know someone has to have a crate rat holed NSN 4130-01-536-1589 they’d let go for reasonable price. My send a pm with a phone number and I’ll be in touch thanks
  9. Elijah95

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    I always thought I’d start one of these, and I finally have the chance! Sold the M923A2, and purchased an MTVR; now the waiting begins for a recovery CA-GA.
  10. Elijah95

    Need stuff to haul from Yermo CA to GA

    Will be traveling from Yermo CA to Atlanta when i recover my MTVR and will have an empty bed available for cargo hauling reasonably!
  11. Elijah95

    MTVR RECOVERY from Yermo cali to Georgia

    Just purchased a solid running MTVR from gov planet, once the EUC clears I’ll be east bound and down nothing but tail lights... hopefully. I need advise, I’m familiar with the basics of recovery, and managed to get my M923A2 home 870 miles from Houston when it hadn’t been on the road in 4+...
  12. Elijah95

    M923A2 SWIMMING pool

    I’m having a fun but perhaps a disastrous idea. Going to be throwing a small get together this summer, and have seen countless folks create “pick up truck swimming pools” by laying a tarp in the bed and filling it with water. I’m probably going to get blasted on this one but I need some advise...
  13. Elijah95

    M923 Air Compressor Rebuild thread advise

    Howdy folks, hopefully everyone’s year is off to a good start. I’ve got an issue I’m struggling with on my M923A2, I’ve rebuilt my air compressor 3x.... yes, it’s getting old. Nothing special, just an SS296 Back story: air compressor Head was gummed up with crud, and it was sticky. Left me...
  14. Elijah95

    M105a2 advise

    Alright so my connection to haul my m105a2 trailer to the GA rally has fallen through, so now I need an alternate to get it there. I don’t have anyone else in my AO to assist in transport, nor the money to pay for transport. Loading 1 trailer inside another, or loading it in the bed of my M923...
  15. Elijah95

    M923a2 fuel pump issue

    Hey y’all, just replaced the lift pump on my truck w/brand new one, the old one was leaking fuel (and allowing air in) by the primer bulb. Didn’t touch the filter as it was just replaced a few weeks ago and truck ran fine until the primer started leaking. Got everything swapped over, buttoned...
  16. Elijah95

    m923a2 was Broke down, Montgomery AL

    My M923a2 is broke down at 2600 North belt drive in Montgomery, at a truck show, air pressure won’t build, shut down my brakes, got them freed up and parked and sprayed oil into the compressor intake and governor intake but can’t get it going
  17. Elijah95

    GA to TX support, supply and rescue run!

    Hello to all my SS brethren, after an entire week of gathering food/water/diapers/clothes/boots/shoes/toys/coloring books/soap/shampoo and countless other items donated it's time to roll. Tomorrow morning (Saturday 9-2-2017) at 5am sharp I (along with my soldier B Bryant, and an F150 towing a...
  18. Elijah95

    Help: M923a2 tranny whine

    Hey y'all, after a short cruise tonight I noticed something strange just developed; I usually downshift my truck when stopped into 1-4, because I like to get it up to speed, back halfway out of the throttle and ease it into 5th. Well, after 20 miles of normal driving, and about to leave the gas...
  19. Elijah95

    Info/parts wanted: M923 radio setup

    Seeking info on setting up an RT-524 in my m923a2, I have been reading some of the technical manual and I still practically know zilch about military radios. What's the best way to mount them up inside the cab? How waterproof are they? Wiring info? What all do I need in ADDITION to the...
  20. Elijah95

    M923a2 Front axle seal kit

    Looking for a quote on a front axle seal kit for an M923a2. Both sides, shipping to 30276. I have paypal as well, thanks
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