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  1. gringeltaube

    TM for the HF54 power steering gear
  2. gringeltaube

    URAL /Deuce symbiosis...

    Who said that Russian- and American-made green steel doesn't combine well...? See pics, attached below... Some parts look familiar, don't they? This particular vehicle has seen better days, obviously. I remember well when the first batch of these URAL trucks maybe 30 of them were just...
  3. gringeltaube

    Towing & Rigging, Misc. TM's...

    Attached: 1) FM5-125, Army Rigging Handbook 2) FM20-22, Vehicle Recovery Operations 3) TM 9-4910-496-10, Towbar Operator's Manual G.
  4. gringeltaube

    LDS465-1 Multifuel Engine Troubleshooting Manual

    Attached the Trouble Shooting Manual LDS-465-1 Multifuel Engine. G.
  5. gringeltaube

    Spreader bar for winch bumper?

    Question for all you M37-W/winch-guru's, about that flat iron, spreader-bar, or crossmember, or whatever it's called - circled red in the picture below (sorry, couldn't find it in the TM's .... at least not in the -212-20)...... ..... I can see where it mounts and can well imagine what it...
  6. gringeltaube

    M105, from Ocala, FL to the 2012 Richloam Rally

    Hi, anyone with a truck coming down on I-75 to the Richloam Rally, next weekend?? I have a brand-new - (at least that's what Oddball007 said...) M105 trailer sitting there at Vinny-socom1's place in Ocala and that needs to get to the rally, somehow.... preferably in one piece!:) Will gladly...
  7. gringeltaube

    M108 Crane TM

    Kenny: thanks to you I have a scanned copy of that very fine piece of historic US MV literature... right here on hand! G.
  8. gringeltaube

    Deuce dual brake system TM

    SMARPI 9-2320-209-14&P (attached, below...) G.
  9. gringeltaube

    Any M35 owners/members near Southampton, UK?

    Hello to our British SS-crew members: I'm planning to stay in that particular part of the (old)World, WED to SUN, next week. Including Portsmouth, also. Then visiting London and - off course! - spending a few more days at the IWM in Duxford. (hopefully they have lots of US green iron, too!) If...
  10. gringeltaube

    C47s still in service!

    Don't know that much about planes but enjoyed watching this interesting vid about C47s (DC-3s?), still in service, carrying supplies and people to remote, isolated villages in the Columbian jungle. It always amazes me seeing old MVs (or planes in this case) still on active (civilian) duty... and...
  11. gringeltaube

    Shifting the Sprag-TC... how it works

    I know I'm opening an old can of worms, here....: A Deuce myth really - which needs to be busted: :roll:…."With a Sprag T-case one has to start in 1st gear (or shift through first gear) in order to have front axle traction in ALL other FW gears..." Not so...! Thought it might be useful to...
  12. gringeltaube

    TMs for M38A1/M170?

    Looking for TM9-2320-208-20 and -34P, also TM 9-8015-1 and -2, for M38A1/M170. Couldn't find them in our TM section. Anyone, to possibly upload them? TIA, Gerhard
  13. gringeltaube

    AVM vs Ouverson: take a closer look!

    Few words and lots of pics! Enjoy!
  14. gringeltaube

    Where are the TMs?

    Wondering if it's just me or my PC that I can't find the TM section ??????? Did I miss any changes? :? G.
  15. gringeltaube

    Tandem axle spring seat & shaft, repair and upgrade?

    A common problem found when restoring older deuces is that grease and bearings inside the rear spring seat are long gone and the brg. cones had severely worn out their seats on the shaft. Often even the spindle nuts and thread are dangerously worn! Replacing the roller bearings with solid cone...
  16. gringeltaube

    Turnbuttons for soft top, need replacement

    Anyone ever found good replacements for those little turnbutton studs holding the soft top (6 on ea.side)? :roll: (If..... that mini-spring inside was stainless they sure would last longer....!) Tks G.
  17. gringeltaube

    New style CJ deuce?

    For non purist eyes only: how about the new look, deuce cab w/ CJ7 windshield frame? It's my latest (paint) creation, a combination this old jeeper has in mind since he owns deuces! Our deuces have a stylish hood and nice fenders, attached to a cowl very similar to the Jeeps body tub, but the...
  18. gringeltaube

    Where to buy UNIMOG tires, east coast USA?

    Anybody knows a good place on the east side importing and selling tires for UNIMOG? Preferably Continental, but other brands like Michelin, Alliance would also help. Thanks Gerhard
  19. gringeltaube

    28V 1.5kW genset MEP-015? specs/TM?

    Can anyone help? I'm looking for some info (specifications, TM) for the 28V, 1.5kW 2cyl. gas eng. military gensets. I think it's the MEP-015 model, might be able to take a look tomorrow. There are several (sitting for at least 10 years!), new or rebuilt, for less than 300.- ea. Anything to look...
  20. gringeltaube

    "eco-deuce" running well on pure sunflower oil

    Based on cranetruck's experience (thanks again, Bjorn!) I finally completed and tested my conversion to let my LDS427 run on SVO (pure sunflower salad oil). I build the “combi” tank cutting up and welding together parts of a second tank and installing a heating coil inside the main section. Two...
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