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  1. simp5782

    M939A1 Axle rating

    Hendricks is who makes the walking beam and that rating. Not meritor. TM 9-2320-272-10 figure 1-4 below.
  2. simp5782

    Hill Air Force Base M989A1

    Is this the extension you were looking for?
  3. simp5782

    FL: WTB M818 5th Wheel & Ramps

    Ive got some in Memphis. Ill be in SW Georgia in a week or two. @Floridianson may have some near Gainesville
  4. simp5782

    Members in N Alabama?

    Have a few in Cookeville TN and in Memphis.
  5. simp5782

    Self inflating tires

    He means CTIS. There is a video on youtube for the meritor ctis system
  6. simp5782

    Filter Part #'s

    Pretty sure it is.
  7. simp5782

    M870A1 Dayton to Pilot Hub swap

    So since the 870s have the crap Dayton wheels. Problems with these is that noone wants to work on them. General truck tire shops wont touch em. Tires are expensive for radials $300+ .Cheaper for bias plys but still in the $225 range. Those prices include flaps. Most surplus 10.00R15s we...
  8. simp5782

    Filter Part #'s

    Ebay. Has several options
  9. simp5782

    Anyone take their FMTV to a foreign Canada or Mexico without issue?

    Canada there is no problem. Going into mexico isnt a problem but they will probably confiscate it. Either the government for their own use or other shady people.
  10. simp5782

    Manual 5 Ton?

    Mack toploaders are interchangeable and they have a power divider
  11. simp5782

    Manual 5 Ton?

    Both rear axles pull together. no power divider. Standard open diffs
  12. simp5782

    Manual 5 Ton?

    Fuzzytoaster had an 818 with dual lockers.
  13. simp5782

    Manual 5 Ton?

    Red barn customs makes a weld unit and they have Detroit lockers for sale. Usmc had wreckers with lockers as well as their cargo trucks
  14. simp5782


    Start by closing the aneroid valve. Top of the pump. There is a plug that will need a allenhead socket. Remove it. there is a little ring in there with notches on it. small screwdriver and pry it so you turn it to the inside. As many clicks as it will go. Then drive
  15. simp5782

    Fuel filter change

    There is a 3/4" head bolt on the top of it. Remove it as it holds the canister on. That bolt has an O ring on it that needs to be replaced as it is in the filter gasket kit as well.
  16. simp5782

    Wipers and front axle don’t engage

    Cap full. It will eat rubber components so you don't want much. Remove the flex line off the back of wet tank. This is the tank under the truck on the passengers side near the transfer case.
  17. simp5782

    TM for M969a1

    Google search " M969 TM 9-2330-356-14" it pops up on liberated manuals.
  18. simp5782

    Wipers and front axle don’t engage

    Put a small amount in the rear of the wet tank after the dryer
  19. simp5782

    Wipers and front axle don’t engage

    Pressure protection valve is frozen shut. Under the truck. Passengers side. Front of the wet tank right by the primary shut off valve.
  20. simp5782

    m870a1 kingpin

    3.5 in kingpin. Main shaft specs call for 4.5in diameter but its an interference fit at that so 4.475 works. I have a extra 2in pin for anyone who is looking for one.
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