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    Humvee m998 differential output shaft play

    Hi, if you have up and down movement on the output flange (I.e the brake disc rotor) of a Humvee, no oil leaks, flange nut is tight. How do you get rid of this play? It's causing no problems, no noises, I just noticed that of the four output shafts one has play. Thanks
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    M916 6x6 heights

    Hi could some one with a M916 6x6 (cat 7155 transmission) standard wheels and tyres, let me know if you were to unbolt the frount wheels what would it rest on ie frount brake drums or axle diff case and what hight reduction would it give me having removed the wheels. i need to loose 19 inches...
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    Best quality oil filter for the Humvee ?

    Hi with so many makes of oil filter available for the diesel Humvee engine which is the best quality ie filtering price aside? Have seen on YouTube various filters cut open and the filter medium pretty poor in some.
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    Humvee pitman arm removal tool

    Hi does any one have a picture of the tool that is called puller kit in the pitman arm replacement section of manual tm 9-2320-387-24-1 volume no.1 part 2? looked in the tool section but no mention or pictures. in the manual it appears to be the same tool to do the lower wish bone ball joints too.
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    Humvee brackets would like to identify

    Hi, Does anyone recognise these tan brackets fitted to my Humvee? What there purpose would be? Also, why the triangular reinforcement riveted into the rocket panel - was this done because they were cracking? Thanks Mark
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    M274 engine number

    Hi do the 2 cylinder m274 mule engines have a engine number? if so where is it?and what is a typical engine number? so I can recognise it when I find it. thanks mark
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    Sherman m51 cummins vt8-460 pt injector pump mods

    Hi have been looking at past posts for the duel line Cummins pt pump mod (to feed fuel flow to each end of the engine heads equally)and the what seems to be referred to commonly as button mod (pt pump manual calls ideal-speed plunger). was thinking why not adjust the plunger in the throttle...
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    Texas movement of Humvees

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a person or company that can move six Humvees in September 2017 from Magnolia TX to Houston TX 77013 (50 miles each way)? The vehicles run... Thanks, Mark
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    Hi was reading the Write up on the m1070F in the October/November 2016 supply line and in the write up it says there was a m1070e variant that had the Detroit series 60 engine in it. has any one got one? Or come across one with the series 60 in it? If so what hp was the engine rated at and what...
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    M1070 doing what it's designed to do....

    Me winching on an M51 Super Sherman at Southampton after its arrival from the USA winches are slow because the engine is on tick over as I wanted to get it exactly centred on the trailer.
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    m1070 transmission oil change

    hi has any one changed out the 15w\40 oil from the m1070 clt-754 transmission? if so what did you use fluid wise? and how did it fair with the new fluid? would like to hear from people who work there trucks ie gcwr 50ton and above. any tips for draining to a different fluid ie draining torque...
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    Humvee Mil 9000 warn rear winch

    Hi can any one stear me in the right direction which manual covers the installation of the rear 24v winch.i have the kit with all parts,have mounted winch ok behind bumper am looking for the official routing of the two power cables and where to connect them Ie starter or battery box?have in kit...
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    M1070 tire chains with pics

    Hi, I fitted tire chains to my M1070 but one side of the chains there is a hook on clip that has no function to tighten and the other side of the chains, I.e. The outside of the tire has a hook and tension latch. I have four sets of chains, they are all like this I would have thought more...
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    humvee M1113 ecv fan

    Hi I have a m1113 with the fan bolted to the water pump via 4 3/8 unc bolts there is a spacer between the fan and water pump pulley 11/8 thick it is a 10 bladed fan has any one put in a viscous hud?if so which one? The fan looks the same as the clutch fan on the humvees has any one done away...
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    M1113 ecvs humvee

    Hi, Looking through the manuals that I got with my M1113 they say you cannot drive it very far without the shelter in it or putting 600kg (1500lbs) evenly distributed in the load area. It says that otherwise damage may occur, I was just wondering what damage may occur. The only things I could...
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    M1070 Oshkosh - M10 - Halftrack - sliding trailer

    Hi, Here is my Oshkosh with civilian trailer carrying an M10 and half track at this years War and Peace show, in England, left on Sunday which was the wettest day :( it as rather slippery under foot! I didn't realise until I watched this footage that the trailer was going sidewards... The...
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    M1070 PTO/handbrake

    Hi, I seem to remember someone mentioned in someone else's thread that they modified an M1070 so the PTO/winch would work with the handbrake off. The person didn't say how - has anyone done this if so can you point me in the right direction before I start tracing the wiring to enable me to do...
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    M1070 Oshkosh 24v alternator voltage regulator

    Hi, Has anyone needed to buy a replacement voltage regulator for their 24v alternator? If so, could you give me a lead / let me know which company you obtained it from? Thanks, Mark
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    M1070 Oshkosh steering T gearbox

    Hi, I was just wondering what lubrication the steering Tee box should have? This is the steering gearbox that the steering column goes down into and relays the turning motion forwards and backwards. The manual calls it a Tee gearbox. The lubrication manual *LO 9-2320-360-12 does not mention...
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    M1070 rear cab lights

    Hi more lighting question ! The rear spot lamps top of cab has any one replaced one of the sealed beam units? The sealed beam is ge marked 4 1/2 inch od with screw terminals tried ge web site it appears to be a ge par 36 but is available in various voltage and wattage. Voltage I can check with...
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