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  1. Guyfang

    Electrical distribution system, m40

  2. Guyfang

    MEP-806B and MEP-805B Injector Pump Special Tool

    Should you ever want to remove the Injector Pump on a MEP-805B or MEP-806B, you need to make this tool, (its an easy job) to properly remove the IP.
  3. Guyfang

    Operators TM for the M1001, M1002, M1013 and M1014 Tractor.

    This is the Operators TM for the MAN 10 ton Series trucks, M1001, M1002, M1013 and M1014.
  4. Guyfang

    Assistence with MEP-803A diagrams

    Can anyone please look at TB5-11 and TB5-12 and tell me what wires are connected to what terminal? Also look at P4, (the plug that goes to the Malfunction Indicator) and see what wire goes to pin14 and 15? i am trying to get the wire numbers and placements at last done for the MEP-803 and 802...
  5. Guyfang

    18,000 BTU Air Con/Heater NSN 4120-01-523-4131 Model S9160-18KH-3,

    This should be all the TM's you need to work on the 18,000 BTU Air Con/Heater, Model # S9160-KH-3 The updated schematic is newer then the schematic on the Air Con.
  6. Guyfang

    9,000 BTU Horizontal, Compact TM 9-4120-422-14&P, Part Nr. S8450-9KC-1H, NSN 4120-01-

    9,000 BTU Horizontal, Compact TM 9-4120-422-14&P, Part Nr. S8450-9KC-1H, NSN 4120-01- This is the TM for the 9,000 BTU, Horizontal, Compact Air Conditioner, Part No. S8450-9KC-1H, NSN 4120-01-456-6954 TM 9-4120-422-14&P
  7. Guyfang

    6000 BTU Air Con Model JHAA/C6V1 NSN: 4120-01-327-5447

    Here are the two TM's needed to operate and repair the 6000 BTU Air Con, Model #. JHAA/C6V1, 115 Volt AC. NSN: 4120-01-327-5447 TM 9-4120-403-14 TM 9-4120-403-24P
  8. Guyfang

    Lister Petter Civilian Manuals

    This is every piece of printed material I have concerning Lister Petter Civilian Manuals. I have not gone through them. This packet of information was given to me and I am passing it along.
  9. Guyfang

    All the TM' you need for the MEP-804B

    This should be all the TM's you need to work on the MEP-804B gen set. Basically, its the same books as the MEP-804A, with the addition of TM 9-2815-538-24&P, the new engine book.
  10. Guyfang

    Grounding and Bonding Generators

    These may be of interest concerning Grounding and Bonding Generators and Equipment.
  11. Guyfang

    Gater question

    Quick question. Did ONAN ever make engines for the gator? Or similar vehicle?
  12. Guyfang

    MEP-803A, All the TM's you need

    This should be all the TM's and additional information you need to work on the MEP-803A
  13. Guyfang

    spell check

    Someone, please someone, tell me why I can no longer use spell check? I am ready to jump from the bridge with my poskits full of rocks! Guy
  14. Guyfang

    MEP-802A and MEP-803A Wire diagrams

    Morning sleepy heads! I am working on, (if I don't go insane first) improving the wire diagrams for the MEP-802A and Mep-803A generators. Sadly, I don't have one, to run out to and look at, when I have a stupid question. I have already found one mistake. The manuals have crappy wire diagrams...
  15. Guyfang

    Manuals for the MEP-806B

    Here is the TM's needed to work on the MEP-806B, EXCEPT for TM 9-6115-672-14. This manual is too large to upload at this time. Be aware that there is other files and information pertaining to the MEP-806B in the TM's forum. So LOOK for them.
  16. Guyfang

    All the TM's you need to work on the MEP-805B Generator set.

    Here are the TM's you need to work on the MEP-805B generator set. Be advised, there are OTHER uploaded files that pertain to the MEP-805B in the TM forum. So LOOK for them.
  17. Guyfang

    Proper generator grounding

    I hope this helps all you guys with grounding of your gen sets.
  18. Guyfang

    All the TM's you need to work on the MEP-701A and MEP-016B

    Here are all the manuals needed to work on the MEP-016B and the MEP-701A generator sets. The only difference between the two models is that the MEP-701A has an ASK, (Acoustic Suppression Kit) installed.
  19. Guyfang

    Power Generation Information, Field Manual 5-424

    This is a copy of the FM 5-424. Field Manual 5-424 is titled "Theater of Operations Electrical Systems". This manual has information everyone who uses a Power Generator can use. If you're a rocket scientist, or a raw beginner, there are things in this book you should know. There are sure to be...
  20. Guyfang

    Connectors, cannon plugs

    I have a question, that maybe you electron pushers can help me with. Is there anyplace a list, of cannon plugs, by NSN or P/N that will give me the NSN or P/N of the OTHER side of the cannon plug? Thanks for any help you all can give!
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