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  1. cucvrus


    I have many of the square tubes from standard 1984-1987 US Military CUCV's. Does that help? I mean many front and back square tubes with the 1" pin hole thru them.
  2. cucvrus

    Do you know the part number for the Power Steering and Alternator mounting studs?

    If it were mine. I would weld the existing bracket. It will be stronger. Like plywood. Get a piece and weld it in place. Smooth it out. If it is the slot that is hammered and worn. Just put a grade 8 washer on the stud then the bracket. grease the adjustment slot a wee bit and tighten the belt...
  3. cucvrus

    Do you know the part number for the Power Steering and Alternator mounting studs?

    Most of the GM part numbers listed in the CUCV TM's are long obsolete or superseded to new part numbers that are also obsolete. When it comes to bolts and any fasteners you can go to a salvage yard if you need Genuine GM. Or dig thru a stash of used bolts. Hardware stores will yield you the...
  4. cucvrus

    Do you know the part number for the Power Steering and Alternator mounting studs?

    I have them brand new. They are the same M10 x 1.5 metric stud/bolt that are on the intake manifold. Send me your address and I will send you one. Or remove one from the intake manifold and replace it with an M10 X 1.5 bolt of the appropriate length. Good Luck. Let me know. To be honest. I...
  5. cucvrus

    CUCV Muffler
  6. cucvrus

    CUCV Muffler

    What side do you need? And the horn button. I would have that used. Show me or tell me what you want. I have a few parts. I will be happy to help you even if I don't sell you the parts. Give a PM. Take Care. I am the helper not the villain...
  7. cucvrus

    CUCV Muffler

    There is nothing special about a CUCV M1009 exhaust/muffler. You can get the exhaust repaired or replaced at any competent exhaust shop. You can buy the exhaust at any auto parts store. Regardless of the year use 1984 K5 Blazer with 6.2 dual exhaust as the application. So I follow. What is...
  8. cucvrus

    Airlift bumper brackets

    OK. Sorry I can't help you. I have a few NOS parts. Nothing like that. Take Care. Good Luck.
  9. cucvrus

    Airlift bumper brackets

    Where do they attach?
  10. cucvrus

    Airlift bumper brackets

    OK. Copy that. What are you working on? That would be some real helpful information. Just saying. Be Safe.
  11. cucvrus

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    I don't always work on CUCV's. But when I don't I try and work on interesting stuff. My current project I will touch on lightly. I don't want to offend anyone. 2010 Ford CVPI ex New Stanford CT PD supervisor car. Its got a cop motor in it a 4.6 liter plant, Cop shocks, cop tires, cop suspension...
  12. cucvrus

    Possible wiper switch issue

    Update. I cut the wiper plugs from a donor CUCV wiring harness and replaced the big plug going into the wiper motor on the M1009 plow truck. That was the winning combination. Not sure what was shorted in the molded plug but it was the problem. I replaced the wiper motor again this year and could...
  13. cucvrus

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    Funny thing. A guy at work said he had a distributer for a Dodge V 8 Army engine distributer (his words) that only had the 1 coil wire. He mentioned it several times over the past 3 months. He said it was for a military sealed waterproof ignition system. He called it a magneto and said the...
  14. cucvrus

    I.D. this rig???

    Big Trouble listing live active Ebay or any auctions. Tear it down avoid the jail time.
  15. cucvrus

    Possible wiper switch issue

    HA HA. I see others have fought the wiper switch issue and decided to not attempt the change. This is like a bad apple. Now the plow M1009 at work has wiper issues. I see things happening in series and droves on these trucks. Maybe the wiper switches have reached the maximum life expectancy. On...
  16. cucvrus

    cooling water temperature You are at the maximum range. I would look into getting the radiator and thermostat cleaned and changed out. Good Luck.
  17. cucvrus

    350 swap with 4speed bulldog

    Not even sure where to send you. Have Fun with that. Good Luck. You are taking a valuable vehicle and basically making it worthless. Snip , Snip, And Zip tie. All Good.
  18. cucvrus

    M1008 troop seats

    I found this picture and I seen the troop seats in the picture. They are the actual ones I have. They just hibernated a bit deeper into the earth from the 2 years of setting out in the weather. Just need some TLC and paint. All Good.
  19. cucvrus

    J- hook windshield wiper arm conversion

    I use the Snap OnIf that don't work this always does. Sorry I meant this one.
  20. cucvrus

    Horn button M1009

    LMC does NOT acknowledge CUCV trucks or K 5 Blazers. They also do NOT acknowledge K30 trucks. Most parts are the same. You must be the one to make that decision. Or ask someone that would know. Also beware a lot of no fitting knock off stuff at LMC. Some fit great others not so well. Be ware. I...
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