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    None or very little metal prep rust preventer

    Hey guys I need some ideas on what to use for a cross member in a 50 Dodge, the cross member is 2 part and its hollow between the two parts but access is limited to 2 2" holes one on each bottom side end of the cross member. The metal inside is relatively clean and rust free at this time. Do...
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    Gaz 66

    Hey guys and NO this thread is not about Unimogs! I have been looking all around on the internet looking possibly for a Russian GAZ 66. I found one in Florida that looked virtually brand new and the owner had sold the truck for 7500.00 USD, pretty reasonable considering all the inspections...
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    R.I.P. - Maurice "Stan" Stansbury - ND MVPA

    Well I have the sad duty to report the loss of one of our own! Maurice Stansbury from Buxton ND Passed to be with God last Monday. Stan was the secretary of the ND chapter of the MVPA and will be missed greatly by one and all, Stan was a great Father, Husband and friend to all around him...
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    Alvis Stalwart

    Hello guys I have a couple questions and am looking for opinions and thoughts please. It seems that I may have the opportunity to get my hands on an Alvis Stalwart its been sitting out in a pasture for the last 9 years and that was probably about the last time the engine was running. The...
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    Mulemac1 & Fatalid: Two outstanding members I would like to say thanks to

    Hey guys I have been looking for the components that would allow me to mount a turret on my HEMTT M977 and over some time I found the pieces I needed from two guys on our site. I got the Turret legs from Mulemac1 (William) I would say these are the hardest pieces in the assembly to find...
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    TM location/number for 977

    Hey guys I am getting closer to acquiring all the components necessary to mount a turret on my 977 HEMTT but am unable to find the TMs that go over mounting all this stuff to the truck and getting it setup properly. Do any of you folks know where I can find this via a TM # or location where I...
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    5th wheel trailer options

    Hey guys and Wes I know you have some thoughts on this, I am looking for an inexpensive way to get into an M322 trailer and its becoming apparent that its not that easy? I already have a 26 foot 5th Wheel trailer rated at 22K but for what I am hauling its out of my load capacity for my Diesel...
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    tractor trailer

    Hey folks I am asking your thoughts on this question please, I have a Case 1070 tractor it has a 108" wheel base and weighs 12,320 pounds with loader. I am looking for a trailer to haul it behind my M925A1. I looked at the 1061 and the 1095 (to tall) but both trailers will fit the tractor fine...
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    M977 turret

    Hey folks there is a person selling legs for a turret on a HEMTT, obviously this is only one piece of what is needed to be complete, in my thinking back I have never seen any parts for mounting a turret on a HEMTT, do you know where and if I were to buy the legs where can I get the rest of the...
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    M977 radiator removal

    Hey guys I am getting closer to getting this done before the snow starts flying and in going through the TMs on this procedure there are a couple things I had questions on, one was the weight of the empty radiator and NDT and I both came up with the 350 pound estimate, if anybody knows for sure...
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    M977 radiator

    Hey guys well I seem to have another project on my hands that was unplanned. A few weeks ago I noticed a coolant leak on my HEMTT it wasn't terrible or anything like that so I was on my way home and I was about half way on a 70 mile trip, I had a couple gallons of coolant with me so I dumped...
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    fuel shut off on M977

    Your going to see this attached to another post sorry about that it was my mistake!! Here is the reason I am asking for thoughts! I replaced the thermostats on my 88 M977 and all the cooling lines and all went well replaced all the hoses since I was in that deep also. Well everything is done...
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    M-977 cooling fan

    Hello Folks I am just getting ready to finish up installing all new cooling lines and the thermostats on my HEMTT its a 88 M-977 with an 8V92 Detroit and while working on this I thought about the cooling fan and tried to move it, meaning I tried to turn it and it would not turn. Well my next...
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    location of TMs for HEMTT

    Hey guys I have a question for you, I have used the TMs on our site a few times but always buy a complete set from Patrick for what ever truck I need them for, well I have an M977 I am working on right now and I just ordered the Maintenance manuals from Patrick this morning, since we dont have...
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    source for HEMTT parts

    Hello folks I want to go through and drain and fluch the cooling system on my 88 M977 with an 8V92 in it, at the same time I would like to replace the thermostat and gasket. Where do you suggest going to where they would have these parts available? I have found places that claim they carry...
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    CAT filter numbers for 07 LMTV 1083 with C-7 engine

    Hey guys I have searched this site up and down looking for this information, I can find it for the older engine but nothing solid on the C-7? I of course go to CAT this morning and they want the SN# of the engine, (I should have known) and I dont have that right now. What I am needing numbers...
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    88 977 hemtt

    Hello Folks I find myself in a position to request some ideas as to why my 977 is not keeping up with my very miserly air demands? Here is some back ground. I bought the truck and all seems to be great, really do love driving this vehicle a lot! But after driving it for a few weeks I found...
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    Military stencils

    Hey folks for every truck I have restored I have always used Rick Larsens stencil kits, I am looking for another set and his website is different and not working like in the past? What is going on if I may ask, and if anybody can tell me if I can order from Rick anymore? Thanks guys I hope I...
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    M977 HEMTT interior

    Hey guys I am looking for anybody who has redone the interior of a HEMTT and is willing to give me any words of wisdom before I start on mine. The truck is currently desert Tan and the entire truck will end up being 3 color NATO Woodland but not till a couple other trucks get some attention...
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    M977 looking for TM to switch to air ride seats

    Hey folks I have an 88 HEMTT M977 and a few years ago bought a set of brand new in the wrap set of much newer HEMTT seats, they cam with all the rather large heavy mounting hardware, new slides all the needed airlines and tap assemblies and its all very nice. Now I am looking for the Tm or the...
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