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  1. dhaumann69166

    Anyone tried Als HNR, LizardSkin, any others? Results?

    Hey everyone I am looking to do a roll on sound deadener and I have searched all over the internet but not much for results on finished product. I know someone on here did a Humvee in LizardSkin but I could not find any pictures. Basically I just want to know how well it works and if you think...
  2. dhaumann69166

    Insurance rates

    Hi I was just curious what everyone is paying for insurance on their Humvees? I have a ‘93 M1038 and State Farm originally was charging $33 a month (close to $400 a year) then for no reason and without notice jumped me up to $81 a month. I called and asked why and they couldn’t give me much of...
  3. dhaumann69166

    Nebraska, South Dakota or Colorado Humvee groups?

    Just wondering if there are any Humvee or MV clubs of groups that get together in Nebraska or western South Dakota? Also wondering if anyone has been on any of the trails in the Black Hills or Badlands? I am wanting to plan a trip this spring to either the Black Hills/Badlands or to the Rockies...
  4. dhaumann69166

    Hard top fitment questions

    I have a 93 M1038 with a tall hard top and hard doors but I prefer the standard height top so I am thinking about taking it back to regular height. I am pretty sure my top and back of the cab are standard size. Doors are taller but I can cut off whatever is necessary to make them fit (or trade...
  5. dhaumann69166

    Manually operated glow plug question???

    My M1038 has the glow plugs on a push button instead of coming on with the key. I am trying to figure out how long I need to hold the button for them to warm up? Also wondering if all models of HMMWV glow plugs are the same? Mine has the flat connector where the wire plugs onto them but I see...
  6. dhaumann69166

    HMMWV windshield vs Hummer H1 windshield size

    I am looking to replace my windshield glass and was wondering if there is any size difference between the military HMMWV glass and the civilian H1 glass? I know the ballistic and bulletproof glass will be thicker but I am curious about the standard glass. My M1038 has the original windshield...
  7. dhaumann69166

    Nebraska HMMWV

    Anyone know of any places in western Nebraska with surplus or scrap HMMWV parts? Pretty close to NE Colorado and SE Wyoming and western South Dakota so any info on stuff in those areas would be great.
  8. dhaumann69166

    Deep water fording kit question

    Hey everyone first question I have is about the lever by my right knee. Does the long part of the handle indicate what position it’s in or does the little point on the opposite side point to what position you are in and the long part just a handle? Also where do the lines all go? I know they go...
  9. dhaumann69166

    Wire Routing Question...Tracking wires after a harness massacre

    Hi everyone I am new to the HMMWV community and need your help! I recently purchased a ‘93 AM General M1038. The previous owner cut the main wiring harness coming into the cab in front of your right knee and removed all the headlight wiring in the cab. When he cut it he only left a couple inches...
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