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    Harris modified H-250 handsets

    Does anyone on the forum know what Harris does to the H-250 to make it into their "modified" version? Is it merely removing the metal components around the PTT switch to reduce the chance of shock?
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    Kysor fan clutch rebuilding video on You Tube
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    PRC-25 alignment manual

    I'm looking for a copy of TM 11-5820-398-35 for the PRC-25 that has the alignment for the A9 VFO module that DOES NOT tell you to press S2 and S3 during the alignment. These switches were removed from the radios early on in their production but were never removed from the alignment instructions...
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    Turn signal switch guard?

    Not necessarily electrical in nature but concerning the turn signal switch itself. I do a bunch of events every year that involve interfacing with the public like "Touch-a-Truck", Veterans Day, and other veteran support activities that have us opening up the trucks to the public to enjoy and...
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    PRC-138 into a Sincgars MT-6576 mount

    I have been running an RT-1439 in my M996A1 ambulance for years now and recently decided to update to a PRC-138. I didn't want to outright replace the 1439 and and didn't want to add another mount because of space considerations and reasoned I could come up with a way to mount the 138 into the...
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    MVCC Camp Plymouth September reservations

    We're at the 3 week mark for reservations and we wanted to put up a reminder that all sites need reservations submitted on the MVCC registration form. This form was included in your last Newsletter or it can be downloaded from the MVCC website at: The form makes it much easier...
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    HMMWV Technical Manuals, If you need it it's here!

    If you need to know it, it's here! Basically everything you need to know as a HMMWV owner. This is the most complete listing I've seen to date and anyone who works on their trucks should have a good portion of this material in their libraries Can we make this a sticky? Many thanks to...
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    M997A3 lives on!

    The Army has announced the purchase of new M997A3 ambulances. This new contract runs thru 2024. Here's the article:
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    Lanyard loop ferrules?

    Does anyone on the forum know what the small metal ferrules that form the loops on retaining lanyards are actually called and where they can be purchased? I'm talking about the little, 1/8" black metal bands that crimp around the nylon cord that keeps the rubber covers for connectors from flying...
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    Harris cables?

    Does anybody on the forum have access to cables for the Harris radios like the PRC-138s?
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    WTB PRC-117D battery box

    Does anyone on the forum know where I might find a PRC-117D battery box? Any configuration will do as I want to turn it into a vehicle power adapter. Dead batteries, corroded, as long as the case is intact it'll work for my project. Thanks in advance
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    WTB/B/S Harris Falcom software

    Looking to acquire a copy of the Harris Falcom software to try to get a PRC-138 going again. This one sat with a dead backup battery for years before I got it and even after replacing the battery it won't fire up. TIA, Kurt Lesser
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    HMMWV Battery replacements

    I recently replaced the batteries in my M996A1 and after years of using Interstate 6TLs that only lasted about 28 months I decided to go with 24Fs. They are the same height and length as the 6TLs but a couple inches narrower so you can use your old battery hold down bracket with them. They...
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    Turn signal switch LED failures

    I've worked on converting vehicles to LED lighting for some time now and something strange that keeps popping up is the bulb in the turn signal switch is hot on the case and grounded on the tip of the bulb. This is irrelevant to an incandescent lamp but puts reverse power on an LED and they...
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    GM 6.2L engine manual link

    I found this online tonight and thought I'd post the link for those of us less familiar with diesel engines like the GM 6.2L we're driving, or trying to! . It's geared for the civy model but there just might be a nugget in there somewhere...
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    HMMWV seat belt lengths?

    I have a problem in my 996 ambulance that the green 3 point seat belts are barely long enough to fasten for an average size person and will not work for a large individual. The nylon section of the seat belt is 100" when extended, this does not include any of the mounting hardware, only the...
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    Military Radio Collectors Meet - Paso Robles,CA 4 & 5 May 2018

    The 23rd Annual Military Radio Collectors Group meet will be at the Estrella Warbirds Museum, 4251 Dry Creek Rd, Paso Robles on 4 & 5 May 2018 We have scheduled the use of the hall there from 0800 Friday, 4 May to 1200 noon Saturday, 5 May. There’s a...
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    Petaluma immediate action required

    KOA Petaluma has notified us that reservations without deposits will be considered as available to the public as of February 2nd. If you plan on attending this Aprils meet it is imperative that you get a deposit on your site, cabin, or lodge within the next 48 hours or you run the risk of losing...
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    Cowl reinforcing plate

    Looking for a part number or a source for these plates. I don't know if they are a standard part or if they were locally made.
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    Bailout cord connectors

    Does anyone on the forum know if the wiring to the AJ-107 connectors on the bailout cords is standardized or is it left to the whim of the manufacturers? I'm trying to find out if the General Dynamics bailout cords are compatible with the ones used with the Racal Raptor headsets.
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