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  1. zout

    Zout getting new project M 715

    Will be here this coming pics of condition yet but I know it needs we'll see what kind of worms we have.
  2. zout

    HA HA YOU THOUGHT I WAS DEAD..... Zout Project 34

    Stand by...making arrangements with an awesome steelsoldiers member who is a die hard at the MKT during the rallies. Pictures to come...stand by alert.
  3. zout

    #32 M1008 Project time again at Zouts

    Coming soon November 5th may Swiss present::::: PROJECT ZOMBOID Build #32 Episode ------ stay tuned.
  4. zout

    Project #31 at Zouts

    Owner wanted this nasty putrid Squid paint removed and painted the way it should be. Should be ready by the Veterans Day Parade to haul with his Mutt. #32 project will be coming in a couple weeks. Thread will be opened in its appropriate place when it gets started.
  5. zout

    Project time again at Zouts

    Doing this for a friend that magically appeared today. M170 freshen up project. Nothing as major as the others but graceously gives me something to do. Will post up some pre-pics - busy now sitting in the sun (like superman gets his strength from the Sun LOL).
  6. zout

    What have you done to your K18 today

    Just in jest..... english sence of humor. 74 year old WW2 Radio truck coming back to life. What could be more signicant? Its MV coming back to life. Interesting
  7. zout

    Coffey Jeep Pickup before Mariatta parade

    New proud owner - .50 in the works
  8. zout

    Cookout Canceled

    Usually I have posted about the cookout at the end of April. I am sorry to say for this year it will not take place. I see for a spring break out Andy has a thingy going on in mid Feb which is awesome and I salute them for putting it on. Anyone that really got why we put it on to just share...
  9. zout

    MV Poll of the Month Dec

    Seeing as I got my nick name for what its worth - here is my Nomination for DECEMBER MV Poll of the Month. I find it hard to procrastinate over getting chit ended and started. PB's WC22 - 45th Infantry - Seconds Army and marking from a Col. When its time just transfer all this to when the new...
  10. zout

    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Well - its not really MY jeep - it belongs to Zout 2. Got it in the garage a couple weeks ago to get it out of the weather. Going to re-do the hideous decals I originally put on it and get them right. Going to get some parking brake parts ordered up and make that right after I mashed it at the...
  11. zout

    Project Ferro Navy M37

    Not ready to fully start on the 37 yet - but she is close. I gotta get that Jeepy thing done and out of the garage so I can pull his in after getting it fully washed down. But - here is the proud owner that just loves this 37 and let's see how much bigger of a smile he has with the same pic...
  12. zout

    Georgia - Gwinnett County Fairgrounds Sat 12th

    Sounds like a great place to head Sat night and thought I would post it up. Light Up Gwinnett Saturday, July 12 from 5 pm – 10 pm Gwinnett County Fairgrounds This event is sponsored by the Gwinnett Police Chiefs Association and the Move Over Georgia committee to raise awareness of Georgia’s...
  13. zout

    Project time again - quickie

    Well it LOOKED like one so lighten up - its actually a 1961. Seeing as I had some help from Flynn on the K-18 with products we worked this out I would do a quick makeover on his jeep - so I guess its kinda related. Its was camo. Wild Dog washed 3 times - shoved er into the garage and got...
  14. zout

    Bikini on a CUCV

    Figured that would get your attention: Swiss has the SS pipeline get this cut off section to him starting with Warthog - then into WM's hands and whoever else I do not know. I'll let Swiss explain his project Bikini Topper Conversion to you all - all I am trying to do is make his dream come...
  15. zout

    R.I.P.--TIGGER--Matthew Helms

    Just got a call from Tiggers family. I had talked to Matt last week the 13th - later that night he passed away from severe abdominal pain. Deb is on the phone with the family right now so there is nothing more or details we know. She was paging through Tig's cell and found my number and just...
  16. zout

    Site for Radio TM's

    Did not see any link to this and not sure if its in the right spot nor of any help. I found this while on a search for the current project on hand and saved the link - if its of no value please just delete the thread.
  17. zout

    Zouts cookout vendors thread

    Streamline - Morgans - other vendors post up what you might be bringing to the cookout and folks that are looking for items post them up here I have two mounted 9x20's NDTs off the M109 for FREE and one has the lift mount still attached to it. I have one Goodyear 1400x20 that would make a good...
  18. zout

    Project Time Again - re-paint

    I was going to ignore posting anything up but - I am sure there might be a couple folks who just want to repaint their MV in some way not too expensive with equipment nor material. If this goes no-where I will just ask to have it deleted if its of no value. Victim - 5 Ton in desert tan with...
  19. zout

    M43B1 Saying a hard goodbye

    I have sold the M43B1 to a fella out of Bellville Illinois who is a member of an MVPA group in that neck of the woods. Invited Ron to ride down with me this morning - Thanks to PB and Tony for the hands on work of getting it pulled out and fired up. It was a hard goodbye to the unit - anyone...
  20. zout

    Helicopter down

    Mission started as lifting personnel from a landing strip and across the DZ into a safe zone. Rubber army men were being lifted by helo and up and across the ceiling fan in the back room to an open box to drop them off. 3 of the Squirrels were given 3 channel helo's for Christmas by Santa and...
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