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    M1009 Transmission rebuild nightmare,and how to avoid it.

    Issue. Transmission totally out.No gears at all. Pull the transmission and had it fully rebuilt by a reliable transmission shop. Transmission #2 shifts erratically.Up shifting at 22 and 30 until warm then it just went all over the place.Sometimes shifting 1 to second at 10 other times skipping...
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    M1009 Snow plow 2011

    Blizzard 760LT(2011) Plow Box B0761 Undercarriage B30089 Headlamp harness B62220 Joystick B62073 This set up will bolt right up to an M1009.It is the only set up I have found that will.I would like to know if any one has any other options for the M1009.The price at the local Blizzard dealer is...
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    Driving down the road and..

    M1009 I heard two very short ping ping sounds,then nothing abnormal.Thought I may have a little bit of unusual vibration as I continued. I left the truck running and got out to investigate.There was a decent wobble in the harmonic balancer(not horrible,but enough).Finished driving it...
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    CUCV Electric alternator build kits.

    I know they are new,but has anyone tried one? CUCV Electric
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    Pick a part Indianapolis Indiana

    I was just there.Picked up a center console out of a 1986 K5 for $12.00. It has a very good condition shell,that I did not pick up and is mostly intact. They also have 5 or so 80s suburbans as of today.There is at least one with a center console.Number 10 metric socket is all that is needed to...
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    Easy stock fuel filter change

    I have read many threads on the site about problems changing the filters.All the problems had to due with air in the system.I did warm mine up before changing the filter,but I then did something I have not seen mentioned here. I put the new filter in a two gallon bucket and added enough diesel...
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    M1009 electrical problem

    First I have done the starter relay mod, installed a new GPR109,put in new 31 series batteries(with new cables),cleaned all grounds,cleaned fuse box,new drivers side alt(passenger is charging fine) and replaced all fuses with new.The truck runs and drives well. Now for the problems. 1.When...
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    M1009 Project

    My M1009.I will post pictures as I get things done.Thanks again for all the useful information!
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    M1009 Power Steering Bracket needed.

    I actually became interested in the 1009s after visiting Steel Soldiers about another vehicle.Well we picked up our 1009 earlier this week,and you guessed it the bracket,pump and alternator are gone.Not broken,just gone. So I need a bracket,and thus far have been unable to locate one.I have...
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