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    quick head stud questions

    Hopefully dropping the heads back on my 1D/ TD in the next few days... Is there a consensus on doing a re-torque with the new style gaskets? Is this a "wet" or "dry" torque? Thanks guys!
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    video of a deuce with air brakes

    Looking around on youtube today and I happed to come across a video of an old, and admittedly very modified duece still working in what I think is Vietnam. (could be wrong, im no expert in Asian languages!) The highlight of the video for me was a decent look under the truck showing what looked...
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    trailer air brake operation

    I took a quick look under my truck the other day, and it looks like the modulated air supply to the trailer gladhand comes off the airpac, not the master or valve on the pedal system. Is it safe to assume then that a hydraulic circuit failure on the truck could also potentially stop the booster...
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    Control layout and background info

    Hello all, this post should reveal that I don't know much about the background of these trucks... Since I've had a fair bit of time to look at things lately, between this site, google and my own truck, I noticed that there are minor variations in some of the controls in the cab of these trucks...
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