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    Airbags for M840

    Im not familiar with airbags anyone know a source?
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    Trailer/truck space need MD to AL

    8x10 1,500 lbs space need to haul from southern Md to northeast Al?
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    AL Types of Tags for M35A3

    What are the types of tags that can be used for the M35A3? It's part of my collection, I dont have a farm, I'm not commercial. I was talking to a member years ago that purchased a one time tag for his collection but I cant remember what type he said. It wasn't a vintage vehicle tag, but thats...
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    M35A3 check valve alternative question

    Ive been reading up the the common check valve sticking issue. Is there any real danger to completely take it out? I know of it being done with no affect on any fuel drain back. Truck cranks easily anytime. Or is there another option to prevent the stick check valve issue? Elec fuel pump to...
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    Project for a purpose and keep with the Mil spec theme

    I just purchased a duece frame with rear axles and a 14' cargo bed. Im leaning towards keeping the duece axles under it and taking the gears and shafts out. This will be a dual purpose trailer for my 1 ton and m35a2. The height is an issue, could I put bolster rim and tires on it? Im guessing I...
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    M35A3 fuel tank check valve/ commercial option?

    My check valve is non functional, is there a commercial available option for one? I have done some searching but did not find a definate answer. Thanks
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    FLU-419 assistance needed

    I purchased a FLU419 and drove it home 65 miles @40mph. everything is good on the machine but the lights didn't work, well after getting the headlight, turn signals, hazards lights working the oil pressure gauge is not working, it did before I started, the coolant temp is working, when I cut the...
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    info on selr 00053

    A friend asked me to come by and look at something green so I did, he has a selr shelter that no longer has the trailer, I have not seen any of these around. Is there any demand for them? Pricing? Wish it was about 12' and I would put it in my deuce :twisted: but its 20ft long. It has the...
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    startup issue?

    My multi fuel deuce has been working and running fine until.....I went to start it and usually fires right up everytime, it was slugglish, it turned over and over then eventually fired off, I drove/worked it as planned and when shut it off for me a break went back a hour later and still the same...
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    m936 hyd filter question

    My hyd filter needs to be changed on my 936 i looked for a tech manual and may have overlooked it but did not find it so, when i take the flange off to change the filter will i loose all the hyd oil outof the tank? I dont want a oil treatment....thanks for the help
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    m35a3 recovery question

    I'm going to get a m35a3 that will have to be hauled home, online the dimensions are 228"x79" anyone know for sure that is correct, I want to be sure my trailer is 82" no room for error. Thanks
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    TCN shipping tag on my deuce

    I've found a shipping tag from camp victory Kuwait on my deuce, I was told I could get the date code out of the TCN number on it, but the Julian date code is not making sense to me can anyone else shed some light on it. The TCN is WTCQAA$0D00670XX
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    New Deuce owner ?

    Hello, I have a 1970 m35a2 and started out no headlights, tail light or flashers. After going thru the posts here I now have working headlights, tail lights and flashers, but yes here is my question when the light switch is on the running lights position aka head lights and tail lights on my...
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