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    MEP-831A kilowatt meter shunt?

    Picked up a new to me MEP-831A generator that has a wire coil shunt on the rear of the kilowatt meter. I believe this is only for shipping to keep static discharge from damaging the meter. Can anyone confirm why this is here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MEP-803A replacement gauges and other items

    The latest MEP-803 in the shop is now up and running. This one was interesting as I found a large wet, stinky rodent nest up on the Generator terminal strip! Yuch! Much bleach and cleaning finally got that area clean again. The next item addressed was the engine fuel stop lever, it was broken...
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    My winter project - MEP-803A (multiple problems)

    I picked up a basket case MEP-803A from Ft. Campbell, KY via IP. It had a locked up motor due to rainwater down the exhaust pipe, disconnected Quad/Excitor wire harness at the control panel, blown quad fix fuse, missing control panel cover and side cover, water in most of the front meters, etc...
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