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    Thermostat stuck in the housing

    I pulled the radiator to get the fan shield fixed and figured I'd change the thermostat while I have the room to work. I got the housing out but now I cannot get the old thermostat out. It will not move at all or turn in the bore. I've given it a soaking in penetrating oil but I'm if anyone...
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    M105 rivet bolt removal

    How do you remove the rivet bolts that holds the side boards on? I have to replace the wood on mine. Sent from my SM-T320 using Tapatalk
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    New Drivers Seat and a 5 point harness

    Back in January, I went to the AZ Military Vehicle Show in Tempe. One of the vendors was selling military seats that could be used in the Deuce. I don't know the name of the vendor, (he may be on the site and see this) but he introduced me to D who had installed these in his truck. So after...
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