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    seeking CUCV IP Replacement how-to

    Hi Guys. I'm about to tear into the engine and replace the IP. I've been reading TMs, wiki, FAQ and threads for hours, and finding lots of conflicting advice. Is there a good thread with pictures that shows a first-timer how to replace an IP, start-to-finish? I have to believe there is, but...
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    Broken Jeep, Belfast ME to Jackson, FL. recommend transporter?

    Hi. I need to get a price quote for moving a broken jeep from Belfast ME to Jacksonville, FL. It needs a new frame, and the frames available in the northeast are all destroyed from the road salt. I'd appreciate any recommendations on transportation providers/options/etc. I know it's a...
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    Connector for tactical crock pot RAK15

    Connector for tactical crock pot Someone at Rausch Creek asked me where I got the connector for my tactical crock pot at a reasonable price. Amphenol makes these, and they sell them on Amazon. The link...
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    Help identify M1101 part? & brake question

    I found this on the driveway under my M1101. I re-read the TM, and I don't find it mentioned. I have no other Desert Tan vehicle, so it must have come from the M1101. What is it for? Sorry the pic is blurry. I have 1,000 miles on the trailer, lightly loaded, and about a dozen fully loaded...
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    M1010 suddenly vibrates at low RPM

    My M1010 suddenly developed a powerful vibration at low RPM, whether parked or moving. I had things running smoothly and quietly, until a few days ago. Now it's smooth and quiet above about 820 RPM, and it vibrates violently below that. I did a search, and read a...
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    Troubleshooting M1010 fuel-fired heater?

    The M1010 box heater is PN 10530B. I found the TM for the 10560G, TM 9-2540-205-24&p. I worked through the troubleshooting section to the point where I'm supposed to remove the igniter. But my 10530B doesn't match the TM's 10560G pictures, so I'm hoping someone can point me to the right TM...
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    How to fix dented radiator outlet?

    So it seems my M1010's radiator outlet took a shot at some point in its life. Photo of the dent is below. I have to position the hose clamp hard up against the radiator to get a good seal. That works OK, but seems less than ideal. How do I fix this without causing collateral damage? Is...
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    Radiator cap eruption?

    I ran an errand today, about 10 miles, max speed 45 MPH. When I got home, I noticed wetness around the passenger headlight. It was coolant. The "overheat" idiot light never went on. The cooling system has been flushed twice recently, once at 1,900 miles, and again at 2,500 miles. Mileage is...
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    M1010 upper alternator belt vibration

    On my M1010, the lower alternator belt runs to the crank pully. When the engine is running, that belt shows no vibration at all. The upper alternator belt goes around the crank and fan pulleys. When the engine is running, it vibrates like a plucked guitar string. The lower belt tension is...
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    No-pressure radiator cap trick

    An old mechanic taught me this one, which is useful when you have a small coolant leak and you're trying to limp home, or to a place for repair. Radiator caps have a spring loaded seal that keeps pressure in the cooling system. If you remove that seal from an old radiator cap, you have a cap...
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    Battery acid ate through battery tray and inner fender. repair or replace?

    It appears my truck suffered a battery leak at some point. The inner fender and one foot of the forward battery tray corroded through. My question to the group is whether I should repair or replace. I have basic welding skills and tools. This all started with a very slow coolant leak, which...
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    Where to get Tie Rod End Socket Seals?

    The TM says I should replace the rubber "tie-rod socket seals" on my tie rod ends while I have them apart for installation of new kingpin springs. I can't find anyone who sells the seals. I can see that the seal comes in the box if I buy a new tie rod. Where can I get the seals? I just spend...
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    need alignment advice. Got alignment. Now have Death Wobble. What to do?

    The truck was running fine. I took it on to get the alignment checked, just as a precaution. The shop was recommended by my regular mechanic, who doesn't do alignments. The shop gets good reviews, and the mechanics have enough gray hair to have seen it all. On the way home, I got the Death...
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    airborne M1010

    Cruising North at interstate speeds through West Virginia in the dead of night, I passed over a poorly maintained bridge. The concrete in each section had sagged considerably, at least in the right lane. At the end of each sag, my entire rig went airborne, Fortunately there was no curve, so I...
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    How to secure safety chains when using a tow bar on a CUCV?

    I've read the tow bar TMs. They say "Always use safety chains". I've read the archives and lots of posts. I've studied pictures. I understand you want chains secured to the D rings on the tow vehicle, and crossing before they reach the towed vehicle. Some folks wrap the chains around the...
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    Danforth Anchor Pamphlet

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    Principles of Automotive Vehicles. TM-9-8000

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    Electrical question for M1010 with Plan B Mod

    I am trying to understand the electrical system on my M1010. If there are folks out there familiar with this system, I'd appreciate some guidance. I'm an MV newbie. I worked as a Master Electrician in the theater, so I have a clue about circuitry, but little automotive expertise. I am trying...
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    CUCV Fording Kit?

    A dead alternator kept me from bringing my M1010 to Rausch Creek as planned. Watching the videos, it seems clear that some of the water crossings would have far exceeded the CUCV's 20" fording capability "without kit". That got me curious about the CUCV fording kit. I find no mention of it in...
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    Sure Power design for M1010 house bank and no DUVAC

    Before I learned that my top alternator was fried, I contacted Sure Power about the appropriate products to use to put separate house and starter banks on my M1010, and to replace the DUVAC. They have a lot of variations on each product, and the on-line documentation seemed thin, so I asked for...
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