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  1. hawkeyepoole

    Changing the Air Compressor belt

    I didn't find any posts that said what I'm going to say, so I'll post away! BlueDeuce and I changed the air compressor belt on my '79 AMG M35A2 today. BlueDeuce brought the air compressor tools he bought from someone on the forums. The tool with the big cross on it for the front of the...
  2. hawkeyepoole

    Weird tail light problem

    I noticed that the right turn/brake light on the rear of my M35A2C wasn't working. I assumed that it was a burned bulb, so I pulled the cover and swapped the bulb to the other side to see. It worked just fine. So then I figured for some reason, there's no power to the socket. Maybe a broken wire...
  3. hawkeyepoole

    air getting into fuel lines

    some months ago my M35A2C (1979 AMG) started hiccupin badly suddenly, and began acting like a gas engine with someone removing power to the spark. I thought I had some bad fuel. It was a combination of JetA and WMO that I had filtered. I took the tank pump out, cleaned out the fuel tank, and...
  4. hawkeyepoole

    Can't view pictures?

    When I try to view any pictures on any posts I get error messages telling me I'm not authorized. I can post threads, read threads, but I can't view pictures? I've asked for help several times but have never gotten a response. Below is the text of the message I get any time I try to view a...
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