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  1. 45FMJoe

    Anyone near Eastover, SC?

    I'm only about an hour away in Summerville, but my truck isn't road worthy right now. Is anyone in the area that can pick up my 1101 for me until I can come get it so I can get it off base in time? My first EUC just cleared yesterday...way faster than the 60-90 days expected! Thanks.
  2. 45FMJoe

    South Carolina Member Database & Map

    Joseph, Summerville, MaroonIROC(at)
  3. 45FMJoe

    M1101 M1102 Trailer Bows Tarp

    How much was the kit?
  4. 45FMJoe

    my m1009 engine rebuild, turbo addition, AC addition, and trans swap

    Where in SC are you? I would maybe want to buy the NV4500 setup off you. :mrgreen:
  5. 45FMJoe

    Steel Soldiers emails and site issues

    Frankly I'm disappointed to hear some amongst us were stupid enough to not realize the website was hacked and actually wrote the site staff multiple nasty e-mails. That's inexcusible behavior and you should be ashamed. If I flew off the handle without first collecting the facts in my career, not...
  6. 45FMJoe

    Converting M105 to dropside?

    Dang, the bed on my deuce is really the worst part of it, and I would love a drop side!
  7. 45FMJoe

    Paint "freshening up"

    Perhaps a gentle wet sanding?
  8. 45FMJoe

    Hydraulic vs. pto Winches

    What spicergear said. Snatch blocks should be in all trucks with winches because you never know when whipping it out might help - or make the difference in going home that day.
  9. 45FMJoe

    RORO shipping help for new FV-432

    Not true, brosef. Our ag specialists work along side us every day at the examination stations. Ag issues are cleared by CBP Agriculture Specialists, not the Department of Agriculture. There are only a fraction of CBP ag specialists compared to CBP officers. In fact, most of the time we do the...
  10. 45FMJoe

    35" Tires On Stock Lift M1009

    You're going to feel the size difference if you don't re-gear the axles. I had an '07 Jeep JK with 35x12.50R17s and stock 3.21s. Even with a 6 speed manual it was a pain.
  11. 45FMJoe

    Part number correction for *better* fitting belts

    I thought I read the Dayco belts aren't the best quality?
  12. 45FMJoe

    73M819's New CUCV

    Oh, yeah. My best friend has a set of them on his toy Ranger, they're not my first choice. I just meant a 2" lift and 33" tires were my plan. :mrgreen:
  13. 45FMJoe

    73M819's New CUCV

    Well then, I know exactly what I'm doing with mine. Thanks!
  14. 45FMJoe

    Met the former driver of my Deuce

    I would have bought the truck and found a new wife. Serious as a heart attack. Wives can come and go, the truck you drove in Iraq is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  15. 45FMJoe

    Tires for M1009

    My 1009 has a brand new set of 31" Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires on it. So I figure I paid $1200 for the tires and got a truck to go with them. :D
  16. 45FMJoe

    Steering alignment

    Yup, I had a '93 RamCharger 4x4 when I was younger and my dad told me the same thing. I had an '08 Jeep Wrangler 4x4, too. On both those vehicles I just rotated the tires every time I changed the oil. I'm planning on doing the same with my CUCV.
  17. 45FMJoe

    Need Trans hauled from Bradenton, FL to Atlanta, GA or at least north?

    Yeah, 75 to 10, 10 to 295, 295 to 95.
  18. 45FMJoe

    Need Trans hauled from Bradenton, FL to Atlanta, GA or at least north?

    I'm originally from Tampa, and all my stuff is still in Tampa. I'm tentatively scheduled to close on a house on 30 March. I'm sure I could pick up said transmission from Pete and bring it up when I go to Tampa to move everything north to SC. What size transmission are we talking?
  19. 45FMJoe

    Radioactive Deuce?

    There isn't a single TV in that building, not even in our break room. I haven't walked the entire parking lot, but I haven't seen any basketball hoops either.
  20. 45FMJoe

    Radioactive Deuce?

    No, I didn't imply that. The capitalized BUT was me just ribbing you. No, I don't work off Clements Ferry I work in the docks. You may be a technical guy but to imply we don't screen cargo is absurd. Where would we watch this daytime TV? On our invisible TVs? Yes, seaports are a bit more "quiet"...
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