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    new addition... 1953 power wagon

    Hello all, I have gone thru all of my manuals and cannot find the IPB for the Braden winch mount. Lets face it, the truck look silly without the winch and/or bumperetts... anyone have detailed photos or an IPB they can upload of how the winch goes together? and thanks all..
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    1953 M37 WC: Jammed 1st gear, now no gear selection, please help

    I thank you very much for your detailed explanation.... It was something very simple, the plunger lever rod shifted slightly and popped out of place, hence the floppy shifting pattern. I pulled the front shifter fork and put the plunger rod back in place against the spring loaded plunger and...
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    1953 M37 WC: Jammed 1st gear, now no gear selection, please help

    Like the title says, I have been taking off in 2nd, finally found first gear, had to jam it in place, the gear selector is now "floppy" and the truck is stuck in third...There seems to be a detent on the tunnel where I assume the gear shifter ball rides in. any help, anyone??
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    new addition... 1953 power wagon

    Scored this off of a guy out in the country. He put 40k into it. all powder coated, everything new or gone thru... The cab needs a respray to match the colors though. other that that, a giant model for me to put together..
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    First M37...........and hello!!

    Thanks all. Yes, my first, and prolly not my last.... Got it running, driving and stopping. Took it for a run around the block, how fun it is to drive...!!!
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    No electrical, boo...

    Well, I got it running, driving, and stopping. 24 v e-pump was pushing too much fuel into the carb, adjusted the float and all is well.. Shifts well. I like to take off in 2nd cause 1st is soooo low.. Rebuilt the wheel cyclinders and now it stops well!!! Kinda need that. My question is...
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    First M37...........and hello!!

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    new fella in the high desert

    Aloha!! Brand new proud owner of a 1954 M37. Been wrenching on classic cars and bike for a minute. Thanks for having me, Kustomkat1950
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