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  1. Ditch Baby

    Deuce Junkpile

    look a little farther down page... also recomend looking around this site some more, very cool. Came across it looking for diesel fuel tanks :cookoo: The great tank & truck graveyard of Asmara, Eritrea
  2. Ditch Baby

    need a picture of the transfercase linkage

    Some how the whole linkage for the high and low shifter went MIA. It was there last week when i drove it.. and its never left the neighborhood... dont think it would just fall out. Pretty sure id hear the shifter slam the floor. Maybe somebody needed it more then me, no idea. anyway, i need...
  3. Ditch Baby

    Starter Relay, and fuel pressure switch.

    Do all deuces have these? I just replaced the wire harness in my deuce, taken out of another deuce personally.... got everything hooked up other then the gauges, and i get nothing for power. Trying to look at all these diagrams and troubleshooting documents and they all have a starter...
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