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  1. tjonesdfw

    Secondary Oil Pressure Gauge

    I’ve seen where some of you have installed fuel pressure gauges on the top port of the filter housing, and have figured out how to do that, but I’ve also seen photos of some secondary oil pressure gauges installed right behind the drivers side valve cover. Has anyone here done that, and can...
  2. tjonesdfw

    Voltage Regulator for 200amp trucks

    Other than Hummer Parts Guy, are there any other reputable sources for new voltage regulators for a 200amp truck?
  3. tjonesdfw

    Water Truck M50 or similar?

    What are the best years and models of deuce based water trucks out there? Looking to rig up our own private brush truck of sorts to use in case of fire on a large ranch. Any good sources for quality trucks you guys recommend? Thanks
  4. tjonesdfw

    Black Substance on Battery Terminals Between Frame and Tunnel

    After removing the ring terminals for the radio tray power cable from the positive and ground stud terminals between the frame and the tunnel, I don't think I'm getting a good connection anymore. Both were covered in a thick black material that had skinned over like silicone on the outside, but...
  5. tjonesdfw

    Aluminum Champion vs OEM Radiator

    The radiator on my 1123 is full of sludge and rust. The lower tube on my truck was not stainless and had disintegrated from the inside out which was hard to tell since it was entirely covered in undercoating. Since I’m already installing new hoses, a water pump, and replacing my leaking...
  6. tjonesdfw

    Proper Type & Quality of Under Hood Hose Clamps

    I've heard several guys talk about the proper hose clamps and constant tension clamps for under hood hoses. Several on my truck are clearly some auto parts junk and I'd like to replace with the correct style clamps when I install all new hoses. Appreciate any advice you guys may have.
  7. tjonesdfw

    24 bolt wheels with BFG Bajas - Runflat or No Runflat

    Have been offered a set of paired 24 bolt wheels with new 2019 and 2020 date code BFG Bajas for our 1123. Seller says they DO have the run flat inserts, but have been balanced and are new/unused. Would you guys feel comfortable running those on the highway, or am I throwing money away? I...
  8. tjonesdfw

    CSM Army Tires vs Waiting for Aftermarket Wheels & Tires

    Has anyone here used CSM Army Tires? I currently have old date code Goodyear MT OZ tires on some rough to fair 12 bolt rims, that I'm not comfortable with on the highway anymore. I was originally going to convert to 17" wheels and all terrains, but the wheel and tire shortage has had made me...
  9. tjonesdfw

    Correct Paint for Black Metal Parts & Stencil Material for HMMWV

    Those of you who are using Rapco/Gillespie paints for the body, are you using the 911 Black for your metal bumpers, brush guards, etc.? I have a NOS rhino tire carrier that appears to be in a flat or CARC finish, bur a raw A2 airlift bumper, brush guard, and winch plate to paint. The metal...
  10. tjonesdfw

    M1123 Tachometer Options

    I've been pointed in every direction on tachometers for our M1123 with a NA 6.5 and now I'm just even more confused. I have the tach pod for the windshield frame, but no tach, and no wiring. I dont want a tach bad enough to spend $950 on the kits being sold online, but would like to get...
  11. tjonesdfw

    Help with Red Dot System

    Currently in the process of disconnecting a Red Dot to move it farther back to our new 4 door rear curtain, and can't seem to identify some of the parts I'm looking for. The condenser loop, #1 in the first photo of the inside unit (where the transducer attaches) is leaking oil all over the cab...
  12. tjonesdfw

    Holes from armored windshield?

    Assuming these are holes from previously installed armored windshields? The rivnuts open right down into the area behind the dash. Would y’all use some RTV and a bolt, or remove them and use and body plugs? Trying to keep water from running right behind the dash area when it rains.
  13. tjonesdfw

    Lizard Skin Questions

    Who here has sprayed the lizard skin sound and or temp control material inside their HMMWV cab? Currently converting our M1123 from a 2 door to 4 door and figured I might as well coat the insides instead of repainting them. For those of you who have used the lizard skin, do you then put the...
  14. tjonesdfw

    M1123 Brush Guard & Bumper Options

    Have a tubular brush guard on my M1123, but wanting something with a little more front end protection for driving at night through deer country. What would you guys recommend? I've seen Ibis Tek, Midwest Military winch and stubby, and some ridiculously overpriced Predators. Would eventually...
  15. tjonesdfw

    6TL Battery Availability

    I have been searching for weeks for 6TL batteries for my new 1123 that came with some off brand batteries that are way too small. Napa, Oreilly, Autozone, Interstate, and Batteries Plus are all out of stock and can’t even order one right now. Does anyone have a lead or source for anything...
  16. tjonesdfw

    Best Rearview Camera Setups for HMMWV

    Does anyone have advice on which rear view or surround view camera setup is best for the elements, and holds up well in the HMMWV? Rear camera would be mounted to the back of a four door hard top setup, or an airlift bumper with a rhino tire carrier. I've seen a lot of foreign made junk on...
  17. tjonesdfw

    Short flag mounts for M1123

    Does anyone have a good guide to how they’ve mounted flags to cut down antennas or some kind of flag mounts on the antenna brackets on the back of their HMMWV? Trying to ready our truck for some parades and haven’t quite figured out the best way to handle. We park it in a 7’ tall garage so need...
  18. tjonesdfw

    Possible to re-attach voltage regulator cover

    Three of the small screws or pop rivets, whatever they may be, that attach the data plate to the voltage regulator are missing on my truck (see attached photo). Is it possible to repair this piece, or does it entail buying and installing a new voltage regulator?
  19. tjonesdfw

    M1123 - Ragged armor holes on top of rear fenders

    Our new M1123 has some pretty ragged holes on the top of the rear fenders/bedsides (see pic below) that were hidden under the troop seats when we purchased it. I know, I know, shame on me for not looking, but this is our first build and learning a lot on the fly. I can deal with the MAK holes...
  20. tjonesdfw

    M1123 differential rebuild in North Texas?

    Drove our new ‘98 M1123 home over the weekend and what had appeared to be a clean/dry rear diff, turned into an oozing mess between the passenger rotor and the diff housing by the time I made the 45 min trip home. Does anyone have a resource for someone that rebuilds or at least reseals diffs...
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