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  1. MudMarine

    Weeklong PM effort was successful.. ish

    So a year ago my dad and I went in on buying a Deuce together, something we had wanted to do for more than a decade. We shopped around and found a decent AirForce model. We didn't have a very big time window to pick it up. (I'm in the military and he is a corporate pilot) but our schedules...
  2. MudMarine

    Sherpa winch vs PTO winch

    Did a quick search about this and didn't see any threads do a straight up comparison on these, especially recently. So I've got a Wo/W truck and have been looking at the options to put one on for the inevitable rainy day when I'll need/wish I had one. I've got a line on a complete PTO set up for...
  3. MudMarine

    Endless Tire Talk! Looking for the Semi-Truck style Deuce with Dual'd XL's

    So I've been doing a bunch of digging in old threads about tire swaps, and along the way someone posted a picture of their M35 set up like a semi tractor (it was bobtailed in the picture) but they had dual axle dual tire set up with Michelin XL's. Anyone know/own this truck? I'd love to find it...
  4. MudMarine

    New deuce, need a little info... Possible treat

    So we just bought a deuce that looks like it was an Airforce version with the dual brake system mod. Do all M35's have two brake airpacks? Well this one has a line coming from the passenger air pack, up into the engine bay by the air cleaner that is not hooked up to anything. Any idea what...
  5. MudMarine

    M151 - Possible first MV?

    So I've been shopping around for my first MV, primarily a HMMWV but I've been discouraged to learn that they only have off-road titles. Thats when I came across this cool looking 1974 M151. Figured I'd come here and ask yall what you think? Currently asking 3K with the description "Needs carb...
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