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  1. moriboy

    Haul 5 ton from Southern CA to Southern OR

    I am looking for a vendor that can haul a 5 ton from SoCal to Oregon. Any recommendations from anyone? Thank you!
  2. moriboy

    5 ton inner axle seal-need part ID

    5 ton axle seal-need help w/ part ID Hi guys, I am replacing seals and repacking wheel bearings (rear) on my M923. I have one leaking seal and found out why; the press fit "ring" on the spindle is damaged, and is eating up the seal. Can anyone tell me what this "ring" is actually called and...
  3. moriboy

    M923 sf97 gvwr

    I have a question for you guys regarding to the gvwr on a 5 ton. I just purchased a truck from a fellow ss member (goodguyzy) and while reviewing the sf97 that was issued for the truck, it states that the gvwr is 22878 lbs. If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't that number be something like 31500...
  4. moriboy

    Selectable hubs and t case sync

    I bit the bullet last night and ordered a set of front lockouts. I have had nothing but good results from doing this mod on my 2008 Dodge pickup. I gained almost 2 mpg, and it drives much, much better. Now with a pickup transfer case, you generally can't go from high to low, or low to high...
  5. moriboy

    Not all winch levers are created equal!

    A few weeks ago I broke my winch clutch lever, but found a replacement at white owl. When I broke the original one, I thought that it seemed pretty light duty. Today, the replacement showed up and to my surprise, this one is not light duty! The one that was on my truck is cast aluminum. The...
  6. moriboy

    Fuel screw/droop balance?

    Ok, I had to put a new IP on my truck. This was a depot rebuild, so all the settings were set by the "rack". Although my truck runs great, it's pretty wimpy on power now. No problem, I will sneak up the fuel. However it is my understanding that the droop screw needs to be adjusted as well in...
  7. moriboy

    Bone head award

    So you can see from the pics that I am short one clutch lever arm (functioning that is). A few weeks ago while adjusting my valves, I accidentally took the lever out with my size 12 boot. I have looked around a bit for a replacement, haven't been able to locate one. Also toyed around with...
  8. moriboy

    My observations with 50wt in tranny

    While my truck was down with an IP problem, I had some time to do some PM work. One being a tranny service. After many hours of reading SS threads on this highly debated subject, I decided to change out the 90wt gear oil, and put 50wt motor oil back in. Note, my test drive last night was...
  9. moriboy

    That was dumb....

    Well after receiving a fresh set of valve cover gaskets from Eriks, I had no excuse to not check and adjust my valve clearance. While that process went smooth, I did something really dumb! Somehow, while climbing on the front bumper, I accidentally kicked and broke the winch clutch lever:mad...
  10. moriboy

    Oregon M35A2

    Hello all, I am a new owner (thanks wsucougarx!) of a 1986 A2. I did a lot of searching and I finally found the one I wanted. The previous owner is one heck of a nice guy, and I got to spend a very pleasant morning with him and his family. So the truck and I had to make the 300+ mile trek to...
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