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  1. 45FMJoe

    Anyone near Eastover, SC?

    I'm only about an hour away in Summerville, but my truck isn't road worthy right now. Is anyone in the area that can pick up my 1101 for me until I can come get it so I can get it off base in time? My first EUC just cleared yesterday...way faster than the 60-90 days expected! Thanks.
  2. 45FMJoe

    Took a ride in a CUCV III today

    I got to go for a little ride on the TARMAC at Joint Base Charleston today out to a C-17. I also noticed a few CUCV IIs parked along the forklifts and miscellaneous trucks. I'm sure they will be auctioned at some point. I checked the mileage on this one, too. It was 65k. The ride was nice, too...
  3. 45FMJoe

    Thanks to csmdavis, my M1009 recovery wasn't too bad

    This is a little overdue because it's been a little over a month now, but I still need to thank Jeff (csmdavis) for all his help. He was a life saver. I won a kinda rough M1009 from Camp Shelby. Myself, my father and my brother-in law drove to Hattiesburg, MS on a Saturday morning. From...
  4. 45FMJoe

    Many thanks to Floridianson

    I posted a thread asking if anyone can pick up a front Dana 44 that would be a direct bolt-on for my M1009, it's even got 3.08 gears already. Floridianson (James) immediately gave me his phone number. My CUCV, and everything else I own are still in Tampa while I moved to Charleston, SC to...
  5. 45FMJoe

    1985+ Frame Supports?

    I read on here that the 1985+ CUCVs had some kind of frame supports added about at the firewall. Does anyone have any more info on them, or perhaps a picture so I can see what it is I either have or am missing? Mine is a 1985 model year M1009 made in October 1984. Thanks.
  6. 45FMJoe

    Is anyone near Green Cove Springs, FL?

    I'm in SC now, but all my wordly possessions are still in Tampa. I'm hopefully going to close on a house the end of next month, if everything goes smoothly. There is an axle I would really, really, really like to buy for my CUCV in Green Cove Springs but since I can't pick it up with my Crown...
  7. 45FMJoe

    Different odometers?

    Why do some CUCVs have 6 digit odometers, and others have 7? I'm guessing the 7 digit odometers are replacements since I've seen both in all years of production M1009s?
  8. 45FMJoe

    Anyone near Camp Shelby, MS?

    Is anyone close to Camp Shelby and could pick up a non-running M1009 until I could figure out how to come pick it up? It would be no more than a couple-few weeks. I would compensate for your generosity, of course. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. 45FMJoe

    Anyway to restore faded data plates?

    Does anyone have any tips for restoring the sun-bleached data plates on trailers? They are all practically white, but under the right light I can sometimes make out what is etched on them. The only thing stamped is the serial number and vehicle type. Any ideas?
  10. 45FMJoe

    Would you buy it?

    I'm looking at a 1943 Willys MB that's local to me. The body is actually pretty solid from the couple pictures I was sent by the seller. He said the hood isn't in the best shape but there aren't any holes in the body. He said he's pretty sure the frame is the same. It has aftermarket wheels and...
  11. 45FMJoe

    Source for bullet connector insulators?

    Does anyone know where to find the big rubber insulators that go over the bullet connectors on M10X series trailers? I don't want to splice any wires, so I made a 4-pin flat harness out of wire and bullet connectors to plug into the wires at the tongue of my M103. I would like to find the big...
  12. 45FMJoe

    M101 Recovery in Anniston, AL. The worst trip ever.

    Bear with me, folks while I share with you the worst trip in the history of worst trips. My best friend and I won a pair of M101 trailers in Anniston, AL. We were hoping the EUC would clear quickly as his boss was going on vacation July 4th week so we would have been in trouble if it cleared...
  13. 45FMJoe

    So ... what exactly did I win?

    New pictures on page 2! Perhaps the trailer gurus can help me out? It's listed as an M101A1 but the delivery date is 6/93. And it has surge brakes which I understand to only be on the A2 and A3 trailers. I noticed the wheels stick out from the fender wells, does that mean I have the stronger A3...
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