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  1. welldigger

    Shop that rebuilds mulitifuel injector pump

    I have been flooded with inquiries as to what shop rebuilt my Ambac injector pump for my LDT465-1D. As far as I'm aware they can rebuild any injector pump they can get parts for except Caterpillar. Sorry A3 guys. They also rebuild injectors, turbo chargers, and magnetos. They GUARANTEE...
  2. welldigger

    "g"code injector pump data plate infornation.

    I currently have my injector pump off of my ldt465-1d at a shop ready to be rebuilt. The problem I'm having is the data plate is missing from the pump. The one for the HH is still there. If someone who has a "g" code injector pump, otherwise known as the pump with no FDC, I would greatly...
  3. welldigger

    Any interest in a air-o-matic steering assist group buy?

    I have been in contact with a sales rep at Maradyne about aquiring an air o matic system for my truck. Let me start by saying not only are they still making the air o matic but they have kits in stock ready to ship. These are not new old stock. These will be brand new kits of current...
  4. welldigger

    Nothing special, just a bobber with air ride.

    Well gents, a few of you are aware that me and a buddy have been constructing a bobber over the last 10 months or so. We finally got it together and painted. I will add to this thread as the finishing touches are put in place. Now for a few details on the truck itself. It started life as a...
  5. welldigger

    Run Flats on a3 wheels?

    OK so I am finally getting everything together and getting ready to convert my truck from the duals to 395's. So today I picked up 7 michelin xzl's from the nearest surplus tire dealer I could find. The tires all appear to be good. Inside every tire is a run flat. I have 2 questions here...
  6. welldigger

    Cracked A3 Wheel

    So today I was inspecting my A3 wheels I plan on using to convert my deuce to super singles. I was removing the valve stems, old o-rings, and knocking out a couple of bad wheel studs that hold the 2 halves together. I was also sand blasting some rust off in preparation for the wheels to be...
  7. welldigger

    Spindle nut torque spec?

    OK so I am currently replacing the seals and boots in my steer axle. I have everything removed except the inner axle seals. I'm going to knock those things out tomorrow afternoon and begin reassembly. The only thing I can't seem to get a strait answer on is what do I torque the spindle nuts...
  8. welldigger

    Trucklite Tail light and front blinker longevity?

    Ok guys, here's the deal. My truck came with the trucklite omnivolts all the way around. Sounds great right? It was one of those great little "perks" that came already equiped on my truck......except only one works.aua Now don't get me wrong. I'm happy with my truck other than ironing out a few...
  9. welldigger

    Bought my first Deuce, brakes seem weak

    Wednesday of this week i took delivery of my first deuce. She made the four hour drive from Monroe LA to Shreveport LA with no problems.....except I must stand all 165 pounds of me on the brake pedal to have a prayer of stopping. I keep reading threads stating that other members can...
  10. welldigger

    New guy from north Louisiana here

    Hey guys, i just want to start of by saying im happy to be a new member here. I have been lurking for a while since i put a deposit down on a truck in Monroe La. Its a 1972 AM General M35A2. AS soon as my insurance agent gets back with me i will be off to Monroe to bring her back here to...
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