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  1. kurtkds

    M447C Curtains

    The last couple of years have been very busy with life changes but things are starting to settle down enough to allow me to get back to my OD addiction. I've been wanting to complete my M447c trailer with the addition of either side curtains or more desirable hard sides. I'm thinking that hard...
  2. kurtkds

    Possible acquisition

    So I've been having a garage sale all weekend and I've had all kinds of Questions about the OD in the front yard...:D So today I had an old timer ask if i was interested in a '43 CCKW. Says there is no box on the back and the typical ran when parked statement. LOL I'm planning on looking at it...
  3. kurtkds

    M35A2 Battery Preservation System

    M35A2 Battery Preservation System installation Manual
  4. kurtkds

    TM 9-4120-400-14 Air Conditioner Horizontal Compact

    TM 9-4120-400-14 Air Conditioner Horizontal Compact
  5. kurtkds

    TM 9-2330-238-14 M447C semitrailer, van: expansible 6 ton 4 wheel

    M447C Semitrailer, Van: expansible 6 ton 4 wheel
  6. kurtkds

    TM 9-2330-211-14&P M172A1 25 ton Lowboy Semi Trailer

    TM for 25 ton low boy M172.
  7. kurtkds

    Working on the M-447C

    So I've been checking out my new trailer today. So far I've got the furnace working again, the pump wasn't working properly. Got the electrical repaired including the blackout circuit. I also went through the drawers to see what goodies had been left inside. So far I'm missing one stabilizer...
  8. kurtkds

    Mep004a filters

    Ok, I officially have a head ache!! I've been in the search mode all morning after getting back from JBLM with a newly acquired mep113a (soon to be converted in to a mep104). I've been looking for a cross reference for the oil and fuel filters. So far I've come across these part #'s using the...
  9. kurtkds

    Cold start wiring diagram

    Any body have the wiring diagram for the cold start circuit for an M818? I've looked through the TM's that I have but have had no luck. I'm not quite ready to reverse engineer it yet. I'm trying to figure the operation of it, specifically if there is a timer involved similar to the "wait to...
  10. kurtkds

    Fording Kit Instalation

    There have been many questions about the Fording kit that I have on my Deuce, so I've been working on a list of aftermarket parts and instructions on how to install it. To start off, this not not a complete instruction on how to install a fording kit on the Deuce, that being said if you have...
  11. kurtkds survey

    I just logged on tonight and immediately had a "survey" pop up from or about Had 4 questions about where was I visiting the site from, is this my first time there, how many times a week I come here, and would I come back. Then it went on to ask if I'd buy a $50 item for...
  12. kurtkds

    Pneumatic oiler

    I'm thinking about adding an oiler to the air system to my Deuce. I would think that there would be nothing but positives to doing so. I was researching Trico's site for another source for an Air powered wiper motor and came across a catalog for their air motors along with a trouble shooting...
  13. kurtkds

    Source for power unit TM

    I've searched for TM 5-6115-633-14-p in the Resources section to avail. Anybody have a copy that they could post. This is for a Gen trailer NSN 6115-00-033-1398. I'm trying to find a NSN # for the canvas top in particular and I've got questions about the indicator lights.
  14. kurtkds

    Tranny Flush

    So name your favorite flush method. I changed my gear oil in my tranny on the Deuce a couple of weeks ago, and put in MobilHD plus 80W-90 that conforms to the MIL-PRF-2105E standard. Soon after I changed the gear oil I noticed that when I would shift into 4th gear, the syncro's were really...
  15. kurtkds

    Lighting upgrades

    So I was bored tonight and thought I'd take some pics of the lighting upgrades I've done over the last several months. I thought a night shot of the lighting would look pretty cool. What do you think? And for the heck of it, the traditional poser shot..:-D The third one is of the Blackout...
  16. kurtkds

    Will this fit?

    I'm looking for parts to put together a winch for my Deuce and wanted to know if the PTO will fit. CHELSEA/ PARKER PN 442XSAHX-W6XD Thanks ahead of time. Kurt
  17. kurtkds

    Weekend work

    Now that I have some motivation, I figured that it was time to get the m105 up to spec again. The trailer had been apparently a parts rig for someone and had been robbed of parts. At the time that didn't concern me too much since I didn't have a tow rig with air brakes or a 24V system. I...
  18. kurtkds

    Took the Grocery Getter out

    I went out this morning to pick up 2 tons of wood pellets. This is the first time that I've had people take pictures of my ride while driving down the road. Oh this is so much fun. :D :D
  19. kurtkds

    Paid in full

    I got notice today that I'm paid in full and can pick up my deuce. 28 days from winning auction to paid in full on my first EUC.
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