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  1. treeguy

    Reverse Light Activation Option for the Deuce

    Hi, I wanted to share with you all an option that I came up with to activate reverse lights in the Deuce. These can be wired to activate like any vehicle on the road. I used a Single Pole / Double Throw switch (on,off,on switch) to power the activation of a mechanical limiting (proximity)...
  2. treeguy

    SS site not loading

    How do you post a classified?????? Just Kidding!!:mrgreen: Did anyone else have a glitch today that wouldn't let SS load today? I kept getting messages that there was a server malfunction. :beer: So happy it works now. Kind of spooky being 9/11 and all. I don't know about...
  3. treeguy

    12 volt inverter to 24v modification?

    I was given a HD 12v inverter to 120v from work and wanted to use it in my deuce. I guess I could theoretically run the 12v from my 24v to 12v converter to power it but this is starting to sound like stretching the converter capabilities. My question, without abandoning the inverter and buying...
  4. treeguy

    Custom trailer brake help

    I am in the mental designing stages of a TOP SECRET project here at Fort One Bay and need some suggestions. From looking under the truck, the deuce brakes are activated by the pedal putting pressure into the hydrolic resivoir (sorry for the spelling, I can't get the spell check to work for me)...
  5. treeguy

    fuel return line noise

    I've searched around and couldn't find anything on this. With the LDT running the fuel return line makes a pulsating vibrating noise that you can hear if you stand near the tank. Everything runs fine, does this noise seem normal, does anyone else have this?
  6. treeguy

    What is this for?

    I wanted to start a thread for deuce owners to be able to understand their trucks better by asking what certain odds and ends are for. Maybe this could be a place to help newb's and experienced owners alike ask the seemingly dumb or quick questions. Does anyone know what these two holes in...
  7. treeguy

    Steering Upgrade?

    I just came accross this on ebay and the seller states it fits: M818 M54 5 ton M51 M52 and others. Does this look like something that could be modified to fit maybe outside the frame of the deuce and also using a U-joint type shaft?
  8. treeguy

    2" removable receivers

    I had been trying to figure a way for the deuce to be able to tow civilian trailers. Since I had gotten my nice big green truck I had no way to tow around my other toys, this is what I came up with. Both the front and rear are fully removable and the only permanent modification is in the 6th...
  9. treeguy

    Complete deuce winch mounting bolt list

    With the suggestion from Smokinyoda I am posting this to help anyone looking to install the front winch frame extentions. This is a complete list of bolts needed to: mount winch frame extentions, your flipped bumper, and front shackles mounted top and on the bottom of your bumper to give you a...
  10. treeguy

    Generator Electricity

    I have a question thats been bugging me, but may sound so dumb that I can't wait to see the response. Whether you are operating a car, deuce, boat, or tractor everyone know that you never disconnect any battery cable with the engine running. This is because the electricty generated by the...
  11. treeguy

    Website Symbols question

    I was just looking at my profile which everyone has shown to the left and I am confused. What does "Rep Power: 0" and the green square mean? And what is the ranking system all about, I assume it is something to do with the amount of posts you do.
  12. treeguy

    water pump?

    I'm thinking my m35 water pump is shot, thermostat is good. disconnected heater hoses, run, no gushing coolant. Any comments, (and yes the 2 heater valves are open.)
  13. treeguy

    coolant question

    not up to temp. no circ. thru heater core. bled out air. opened 2 valves. whats up, future- check thermos.
  14. treeguy

    MA inspection sticker for m35a2

    New to MV ownership. I just purchased a 1970 m35a2. My registration is in the works. The insurance Co. insists it must be commercial plates and ins. (in MA) NO EXCEPTIONS due to weight. I will be going for the state inspection soon and have read last years post on the subject. What a...
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