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  1. Av3fire

    need help putting in time to remove HH

    Is there a way to put these big boys in time (so the white mark and the red tooth are aligned) to be able to pull the HH by yourself? I am replacing my HH and have everything else ready to go, with the exception of setting timing I know how to do it on my car, but this is a bit different and...
  2. Av3fire

    Everything new, still wouldn't start on it's own - SOLVED!

    66 M35a2, new to me Starts on either and runs/drives good. Idles around 900 rpm when turned off, will not restart without more either....... I have done the following: Drained and cleaned fuel tank. new in-tank fuel pump all new fuel lines and filter relocate kit new injectors Fuel shut-off...
  3. Av3fire

    Fuel not getting past Hydraulic Head

    I hope this is the correct place to post. I have a 66 M35A2 that is new to me I had it so it would start on either, but only idle at 1500 rpm. I have cleaned the tank (drained and flushed out), replaced all 3 fuel filters (as well as cleaned the gunk out of the canisters), Installed a new...
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